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Angel Fire Wine & Wagyu Weekend

We're home from another amazing New Mexico wine festival, the Wine & Wagyu Weekend in picturesque Angel Fire. Here's a taste (hee, hee) of all the fun you missed at the 2018 Wine and Wagyu Weekend. Well, unless you're a Texan, in which case you were surely there. Man, Texans love the New Mexico mountains.

Wine? Check. Hiking? Check. Wildflowers? Check. Wagyu beef?

I think I may have devoured an entire cow.

Below is just a small sample (only 31 photos) of the fun and delicious things you missed if you didn't make it up to Angel Fire, NM this year. I expect to see each and every one of you (yes, you) at Wine & Wagyu, 2019. But first, a little ridiculousness.

When we attended the Taos Summer Wine Festival last weekend, I dragged along an entire suitcase of clothing options. A heavy jacket, light jackets (plural!), hiking boots, sandals, closed-toe shoes, and more. (Much more.) For only one weekend, it was excessive. I will do better in Angel Fire, I vowed. We wou…

Awkwardness at the Taos Summer Wine Festival

We're home from the Summer Wine Festival in the lovely Taos Ski Valley, NM and we had the BEST time ever. Somehow, the fabulous Cecilia Cuff and her fellow event organizers made it even better than last year! I have a million photos to share, but since that would surely freeze your computer and make you hate me forever, I've broken them into lots of smaller blog posts. You're welcome!

Well, unless you hate wine festivals, in which case you're going to get pretty annoyed over the next few weeks. It's going to be wine, wine, and more wine around here.

Also, what the heck do you mean you hate wine festivals??

Let's start with a little non-awkward stuff. It's my site and I am the poster child of social anxiety, so you know I mean it when I say there will only be a little. Even that may be an exaggeration...

See this cute hummingbird? These guys were all over Taos this weekend, zipping along and enjoying the beautiful flower arrangements and probably a little wi…