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Lamb Soup with Noodles

Here in the New Mexico mountains, we're been snowed in the last few days. Even our 4WD truck could barely make it down our street - it was spinning and sliding the entire way! 

It was perfectly fine once it escaped our neighborhood, as someone had actually done their job and plowed the streets outside our neighborhood, rather than simply allowing the snow from multiple storms to keep piling up, like inside our neighborhood. Not that I'm bitter, of course.

We are at the height of a wonderful culinary time of year - soup season! With the weather so frigidly ridiculous outside, you can't beat a hot bowl of flavorful soup to warm you up.

How frigidly ridiculous? SN asked me the other day how cold I thought it had gotten overnight and I guessed 2 degrees. No, he insisted. It got down to 1.8 degrees.

*rolls eyes*

Lamb Soup with Noodles
Guest Post from Amber at Le Meh

4 med. tomatoes 2 tbsp. olive oil 1 lb. lean lamb, cut into 1 inch strips 1/2 tsp. ground ginger 1/8 tsp. ground…

Master Bathroom Before & After (On a Budget!)

Remember all those years ago when Sexy Nerd started knocking down walls in a surprise master bathroom remodel? The entire renovation project, including the adjoining master bedroom, only cost about $5,000. Our goal was to go from builder-boring to spa-like. An unexpected, and gladly welcome, side effect was that the remodel more than paid for itself when we sold out house.

Sexy Nerd did EVERYTHING himself. He even built the vanity and mosaic counter top from scratch! We scored a great deal on a pocket door for the new water closet and a Jacuzzi tub at Re-Store, which is part of Habitat for Humanity. The elegant chandelier hanging in an arched alcove? Totally from Ikea and spray painted, along with all of the faucets and other fixtures. (Hooray for oil-rubbed bronze spray paint! It never chipped off or gave us any problems.) The black river rocks and the gorgeous hand-painted sconces? They're a 4-letter secret called E.B.A.Y.

I'd hate to go to all the trouble of gutting a bathroo…

Idiopathic Insomnia (The Reason You Can Never Sleep?)

Hello there! I am Kitty Deschanel, blogger of sexy (nerd) adventures and Amerisleep mattress reviews. Here on my site, I often write about all things sleep. It's the perfect topic for me because I never sleep well. No, not even as a baby. My family was understandably baffled!

Oh, I've tried it all. Meditation, forgoing caffeine entirely, exercise, cognitive behavioral therapy, herbal tea, prescription sleep aids, relaxing bedtime music, evening sauna sessions, and even funny-looking yellow goggles to block out slumber-disrupting blue light.
I've consulted with the best sleep doctors in New Mexico. I've undergone an extensive overnight sleep study in a sleep lab, wired to the point of ridiculousness. Take a look for yourself:

Behold, Kitty Deschanel, the human Christmas tree. The sleep study doesn't hurt, but the glue they use to hold the billion sensors on sure does. Ouch!
What did all these tests and sleep experts reveal?
They revealed absolutely...nothing. There is ap…

Cornmeal Waffles for Dinner - Topped with Homemade Chili

Oh. My. Goodness.

Forget what you were planning to make for dinner tonight. Pasta? Steak? This is better.

Chicken and waffles?? THIS IS BETTER.

We're taking "breakfast for dinner" to the next level. The savory level.

Not only is this recipe scrumptious, these chili-covered cornmeal waffles seem like the kind of meal that you slaved over all day long, though they're actually quick and easy. Sexy Nerd is impressed whenever he comes home to this dinner.


Start by making the chili, which needs to simmer.

Homemade, Easy Peasy Chili Recipe
Serves 3


1 can diced tomatoes with green chili (Do not drain.)
1 can white, black, or pinto beans (Do not drain.)
1/4 C creamed corn (Yes, creamed. This will add just the right touch of sweetness.)
1 C cooked ground meat
1 diced bell pepper
1 diced onion
1 diced garlic clove
1 bay leaf
1/2 Tbsp cumin
1/2 Tbsp chili powder
1/2 C water
salt, black pepper, cilantro, and red chili flakes to taste

Combine all ingredients in…

The Simpsons Trivia

Hey there, Professor Frink.

Here are 11 quiz questions to test your smarts about the longest-running scripted series on primetime TV. You'll be saying 'd'oh' or 'woo hoo'!

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