What's the Best Memory Foam Mattress? Amerisleep FAQs

Wondering "What's the best memory foam mattress?" I did a little Amerisleep FAQs Googling the other day and was surprised when the following questions appeared in my search results:
what's the best memory foam mattress

Inquiring minds want to know. As the happy, longtime owners of 4 Amerisleep mattresses, I am in a unique position to be able to answer all of your frequently asked memory foam mattress questions. With so many "bed in a box" options available, the choice can be overwhelming! You can read my detailed Amerisleep mattress reviews here on my site, plus take advantage of the exclusive $250 Amerisleep promo code, KITTY, just for my blog readers.

What's the best memory foam mattress?

Based on factors such as longevity, comfort, and warranty, Amerisleep has been rated the best memory foam mattress year after year. Technological advancements, including a plant-based, open-cell design, Celliant cover, and a HIVE support layer help you sleep cooler and better supported than other mattresses. Amerisleep mattresses focus on proper alignment of your head, shoulders & back, hips, upper legs & knees, and lower legs.

Unlike newcomers to the bed-in-a-box industry, including Nectar (2017) and Purple (2015), Amerisleep has been advancing sleep technology since 2010. Designed to enhance sleep and with 5 models to choose from, there is an option for every kind of sleeper. 

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Okay, on to the Google-inspired Q&A.

Q. How Long Does an Amerisleep Mattress Last?

A. We purchased our first Amerisleep mattress, a king-size AS3, in January of 2012. It is still like-new today, as proven by a test with a level, below. We have not babied this bed - we even jump on it! Can a memory foam mattress last 20 years? At this rate, I have no doubt that all of our Amerisleeps can and will.

7 years is when most mattresses need to be replaced, but ours is still like-new.

Q. Is Amerisleep a Good Mattress?

A. We have recommended Amerisleep to our friends and family. Since making our initial purchase, we have personally ordered 3 more Amerisleep mattresses for our new home. The new ones we've ordered since 2012 are even better, thanks to an easy-to-remove machine washable cover. 

My favorite things about this mattress brand is that the beds don't get hot, they don't transfer motion (I'm an extremely light sleeper and my husband has a bad habit of tapping his legs each morning), and they are non-toxic (others require a break-in period with "off-gassing" - yuck).

Q. How Much Does a Memory Foam Mattress Weigh?

A. These beds are HEAVY! According to the Amerisleep site, they use a quality, high-density foam, which makes our AS3 around 170 lbs. That said, even my wimpy 120 lb self has never had any trouble unboxing or moving one of our Amerisleep mattresses on my own. It helps that it is delivered directly to your door in an extremely compacted box.

Once your bed has been freed from its restrictive box, all is not lost. We were actually able to transport our king-size mattress from upstairs in our old house to our new home by compacting it with ratchet straps and wheeling it on a dolly. I'd been worried, but that was surprisingly easy! For details and photos, check out How to Move a Memory Foam Mattress.

Q. Does Amerisleep Need a Box Spring?

A. It does not need a box spring. In fact, Amerisleep recommends not using a box spring, making these memory foam mattresses ideal for popular platform beds. A flat surface, such as a sheet of plywood, is a much better (and more economical) choice.

Q. Are Memory Foam Mattresses Toxic?

A. Well this is one heck of a question, isn't it? It stems from a common problem with memory foam mattresses, which is called off-gassing. If you read mattress reviews, you'll notice a trend in many memory foam mattress brands of customers complaining about an initial odor - bad enough that many people cannot even sleep in the same room as their new bed for several nights or even weeks. This is because most memory foam is petroleum-based. However, Amerisleep uses a plant-based, eco-friendly memory foam.

When we purchased our first Amerisleep mattress, I fully expected to sleep in a different room at first. I am very sensitive to chemical smells and even avoid perfume. You can bet I was pleasantly surprised when we unboxed our AS3 and there was no odor. We've since unboxed 3 more Amerisleep mattresses, as recently as last year, and are happy to report that the non-existent off-gassing has not changed. It's a good thing, especially as our new construction home is LEED-certified. This means that when a chemical is introduced into our tightly sealed home, it tends to stay inside our tightly sealed home.

Q. Is Amerisleep Better Than Tempurpedic?

A. Clearly I'm biased, but I think it's safe to say the quality of the Amerisleep mattress is at least equal to a Tempur-pedic. See my comparison test below! Throw in the much lower cost and the longer warranty and, yes, I absolutely think Amerisleep is better than Tempur-pedic. Much better. My opinion after more than 7 years of sleeping on an Amerisleep almost nightly (and tossing and turning when traveling) is that Amerisleep is the best mattress brand, hands down.

Q. How Long Should a Mattress Last?

A. Back in the caveman days of spring mattresses, it was generally recommended that you replace your mattress every 7 years due to problems like dust mites and the springs naturally breaking down. Memory foam mattresses last longer, especially when they are made from a dense, high-quality foam. 

When comparison shopping, I've found that a good indicator of mattress longevity is the length of its warranty. It is common for bed-in-a-box brands to offer a 10-year limited warranty, such as the one provided by Tuft & Needle. The warranty on our Amerisleep beds is 20 years. 

Q. How Do You Open a Bed-In-A-Box Mattress?

A. Open the box and run. LOL. In all seriousness, wheel the box on a dolly to the desired bedroom (have a friend help you if you need to carry it upstairs), open the box, knock the box over and pull it away from the mattress, and use the included box-cutter to remove the plastic. That's it! Easy, eh? The mattress will begin expanding immediately.

Q. How Often Should You Flip a Memory Foam Mattress?

A. Other than when we moved our AS3 to our new home, it has never been flipped or rotated. Memory foam mattresses never need to be flipped. I've read that it can be beneficial to rotate them 180 degrees every 6 months or so. We have not been doing this and have not noticed any repercussions.