Amerisleep Mattress

No More Adorable Nerds Jumping On the Bed...
...Because One Fell Down and Bumped His Head.

***Hilarious Update*** I've received an email from Amerisleep (on our 16-year anniversary, of all days) asking if I can please remove the word "S _ _ y" from this post, even though it has been fine for the last 8 years and even though that is my husband's name here on my site. See our dancing photo at the end of each page? That's right. This site is "Kitty Deschanel: A S _ _ y (Nerd) Lifestyle & Humor Blog," but that word is just too risqué for mattress shoppers. 

The Amerisleep mattress approach to marketing

I'm sorry to have offended you, dear reader. Amerisleep has suggested I call my husband Adorable Nerd (really!) instead and I am running with it (and laughing my b _ _ t off). 🤣

I'm reposting this in honor of the 8 year anniversary of our mattress...which shockingly is still like-new. Long before anyone had heard of Casper or Purple or the million other knock offs, there was Amerisleep. This is our original Amerisleep AS3 king mattress review from 2012, which was soon the #1 post on my site. I never guessed how popular it would become! 

I wholeheartedly believe Amerisleep sells the best mattresses online. About a year after publishing my original review, a referral program was started for happy customers, like us. If you place your order using promo code KITTY, I'll greatly appreciate it. (THANK YOU!) Plus, there's a $250 discount and free shipping (both ways - not that you'll need the free return) in it for you.

Now, enjoy the blog post that started it all:

Amerisleep Mattress

Have you heard of Amerisleep? My mechanical engineer husband, Adorable Nerd, and I finally replaced our crummy (and lumpy! and saggy!) old (but not old enough that it should need replacing) Simmons Beautyrest (BLECH!!!) and are in love with our new Amerisleep mattress.

Yeah, we have a little bitterness toward Simmons. Can you tell? We saved up more than a thousand dollars for that Beautyrest, while I was working a just-barely-over minimum wage job and we were both going to school full-time. We felt so cheated.

We were nervous about making such a big purchase online, especially after our bad experience with Simmons, but were swayed by all the Amerisleep mattress reviews I'd read and by their top-notch customer service. I spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with company representatives before making my purchase and they never seemed to mind my many questions. I even received a few personalized emails from the CEO, Firas Kittaneh! I loved how enthusiastic they were about their product. We also had the option to return it if it didn't live up to the hype, which was reassuring.

"I look forward to hearing how much you love your new bed!!" is the email I received after placing my order. It was from a real person who had helped me. A great sign.

The following week, our AS3 king bed arrived...

amerisleep mattress
 The mattress in a box was bigger than Adorable Nerd! I recommend you have a second person to help you move it to the bedroom, especially if it's upstairs like ours. Luckily, I'm stronger than I look. Adorable Nerd claimed he could have moved the package upstairs on his own. He "just didn't want to." Yeah.

Also, wouldn't it have been great if I'd moved the dog bowls out of the way before taking this photo?

Oh! And here's a 2017 update: I just noticed that to the left of the king box, you can see a model of the house we're currently a photo from 2012. Geez, construction takes forever. Don't do it!

our dog was hunting our new bed
Pica was hunting the mysterious black bag in our bedroom. It seemed wise to stop her from attacking it.

our chihuahua was afraid of the mattress
Biscuit wouldn't even enter the room.

amerisleep mattress reviews: unpacking
Adorable Nerd was very careful when removing the packaging. He had to be, with yours truly jumping around and saying, "Careful! Don't cut the mattress! Are you being careful? Oooh, be careful!"

the packaging was simple to cut through
It began expanding even faster than we'd expected. The AS3 Bed must be freed! Also, I can't help thinking that my husband should have taken his shoes off.

amerisleep mattress reviews: timelapse
It expanded this much in about a minute.

there was no off gassing
It kept growing and growing, like a scene from a science fiction movie. Watch out or "The Blob" will get you!

amerisleep comes packed in several layers of plastic for safety
There was still more plastic to remove. Note how skinny it is here. There's still plenty of expanding to go.

this was fun!
At first, we were surprised by the amount of plastic. The company markets themselves as being "green" and the excessive packaging didn't seem very eco-friendly. Really though, if it weren't for all that plastic, might a rogue mattress start expanding on the shipping truck?

FedEx and UPS would not be happy.

look how supportive our new mattress is
This mail order bed is plush!

my husband used to wake up with back pain every morning
Best Mattress for Back Pain - No more waking up sore for this Adorable Nerd.

this is a people bed - not a dog bed!
What did Pica, who was so excited about our new (and still expanding, even in this photo!) mattress think of it? I don't know.

She isn't allowed on the bed.

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