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Killing My House

 Remember when Olive and Bernadette recently flooded our new home? We all had a good laugh (except when the water bill arrived...and the gas bill, because of course they used the hot water...and every time I look at our baseboards, which have warped right off of the walls).

Despite this nonsense, do you know what I told everyone the next day? "At least our floors are clean."

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

White kitchen with dogs

All they do is sleep all day, so surely these two sweet pups would never cause any trouble.

(The chair askew is a little hint that they cause sooo much trouble.)

The morning after the flood, I got up early, making sure to give Olive and Bernadette plenty of time to romp outside prior to heading to work. All they did was sit on the patio and stare at me, longing to come inside to nap.

Of course, the moment they were inside?

Romp, romp, romp, romp.

You know the pack of rambunctious dogs in the movie A Christmas Story who tear through the house and ruin the holiday turkey? These girls are our Bumpus Hounds. I was a bit nervous leaving them while at work all day. Would they flood the house again? Their room is tiled on the floor and walls, so there wasn't much else that could go wrong...right?

"At least our floors are clean," I repeated throughout the day. Imagine my surprise/confusion/horror when I opened the door to the dog room:

Messy floor
WTF, girls?

Olive and Bernadette hadn't been able to get the water spraying again, but they'd tried their best. They went inside the wall to access the plumbing that had caused so much excitement the previous day.

Objects with faces
Our wall is screaming. 

I know exactly how it feels.

Dogs destroying my house
According to Olive and Bernadette, they were just playing quietly when the wall suddenly exploded.

$150 in repairs later, I think we've finally dog-proofed our dog-proof room. Here's hoping this is the last of my anti-interior design blog posts.

It's a good thing they're so cute.