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Thanksgiving Procrastinators

Thanksgiving snuck up on us this year. SN and I had been enjoying a relaxing week in Fort Walton Beach, FL right before the holiday. Thanksgiving was not on our minds. Prior to our getaway, I'd sent out a Thanksgiving invitation, then put the holiday on the back-burner.

Thanksgiving Invitation

There's nothing 'harvest' about Fort Walton Beach. No pumpkins, no chill in the air, no mulled apple cider. Actually, everywhere we visited was already decked out with Christmas decorations.

Actually, as long as I'm starting sentences with 'actually,' I might as well correct what I said earlier. This was a relaxing week in Florida other than the fact that we were both working full time while there.

I'm getting off topic though. And here you thought you were going to see some Thanksgiving photos. 

fort walton beach

It's hard to think about Thanksgiving when you're at the beach. 

Thanksgiving at the beach

We returned home and SN mentioned getting ready for company. It was still so far away - no need to think about that now. SN said something about brining a turkey and tidying the guest bedroom. What was the rush, with Thanksgiving still weeks away?

"Thanksgiving is next week," he said.

No! Thanksgiving couldn't possibly be next week. It was practically still October. I consulted a calendar.

And went into panic-mode, ordering groceries online, scheduling a housekeeping service (this is new to us for 2021 and it's the best thing ever), and sorting through the dog's clothes for their dapper little bow ties. I hunted for unscented taper candles, which seem to be available everywhere for $0.99 or less until you actually need to purchase them. Seriously, who are these people paying $12 per candle?

Somehow, Thanksgiving 2021 all fell into place. There was no seating chart this year (a tradition that's absolutely making a return for Thanksgiving, 2022), I had to mix-and-match my dinnerware to have enough place settings, and I forgot to put the dapper little bow ties on Olive and Bernadette (they didn't seem to be too disappointed), but the main reasons for the day - gathering with family and overindulging in food - were on point.

Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving tablescape

farmhouse decor

centerpiece ideas

Stone fireplace

Logs on the ceiling

Coffee bar

Holiday meal

Thanksgiving appetizers

Dessert table

Thanksgiving photos

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