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New Kitchen Island

Sexy Nerd is building us a new kitchen island.


Have I mentioned it's also a beautiful air hockey table?

If I can think it up, he can build it. We're a good team. Especially because I hate to get my hands dirty or do any sort of physical labor. My grandma says I've always been a pampered pup. Thank goodness for my Sexy Nerd!

Unique Kitchen Island: Air Hockey Table

Custom kitchen island idea
Does it look like real walnut?

He is VERY patient - this project requires 2,120 tiny, perfectly spaced holes.

Each hole for the air hockey table really is teensie. To me, they look like they might be too small, so of course I asked Sexy Nerd, What if the holes are too small?

"I'll go back and redrill each of them a little bigger."

VERY patient indeed.

Building an air hockey table

Hang in there, Sexy Nerd. Only 2,090 of these too-small holes to go!