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Dental Memes

As the manager of two successful dental offices, my favorite memes are ones I can share with my dentistry dream team.  Happy Team = Living the Dream! You don't have to work in dentistry to enjoy these. After all, everyone is a dental patient. You have visited the dentist within at least the year...right? (No guilt if you haven't! I've scheduled patients who haven't seen a dentist since the 1970s. Dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dental administrators have seen it all. We love this field because we love helping our patients. It's never too late to get back on track!) Funny Memes for Dentists Reminder: National Dentist's Appreciation Day is March 6th! Funny Memes for Dental Hygienists Reminder: National Dental Hygienist Appreciation Week is always the 2nd week of April! Funny Memes for Dental Assistants Reminder: National Dental Assistant Appreciation Week is always the 2nd week of March! Funny Memes for Dental Office Administrators Reminder: Ad

Homestyle Salad with Knorr Homestyle Stock Recipe

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. -Michael Pollan This salad recipe might make the second part of the above quote a bit tricky! Out of all the recipes I've made with Knorr Homestyle Stock, my favorite use for it is as a salad dressing. Specifically,  my  Homestyle Mayonnaise .  It's the perfect complement to an assortment of veggies, leaving even my carnivorous Sexy Nerd happy to have a salad for dinner. Best of all, it is 100% unique and unlike any dressing you've ever made or picked up at the store. It looks so healthy, right? That's because it is. This is boring potato salad's New York cousin. Potatoes...and sweet potatoes! Together forever. How hodgepodged is this salad? We're throwing in the celery leaves. We're peeling our cucumber with pretty stripes because we're fancy like that. And egg! And broccoli! Homestyle Salad with Homestyle Mayonnaise (Recipe Yield: 6 servings)(Total Time: 30 minutes, including prep)

Cake Mix Pudding Blender Recipe

Quick side note: Google is ridiculous. Did you know if you search ' cake mix pudding',  every result is for cake mixes that contain pudding and recipes on how to add pudding mix to a cake you are baking? When I think of CAKE MIX PUDDING, I want a pudding that tastes like cake mix. If you're like me, you've arrived at the right place. What's your favorite kind of cake? You can easily turn it into a delicious, no-bake pudding. Cake mix pudding! Just think of all the possibilities: Devil's Food pudding, Red Velvet pudding, Pumpkin pudding, Funfetti pudding, Strawberry pudding... Here is a quick and easy and SO GOOD dessert recipe that can be made ahead of time for your 4th of July get together. This is a million times better than those boxed Jello Pudding mixes. Think of this as more of a thick custard - you'll actually be able to turn your spoon upside down without your cake mix pudding falling off! (At least for a little while. I don't want to s

Telluride Food and Vine Festival

You know how I was feeling sad about the Sun, Wind, and Wine Festival being over until next year? No more raising glasses of pinot noir in a tipsy toast. No more chef-prepared meats and cheeses and cakes. *Sigh*  It seems the festival gods were listening. Did you know there's another amazing event starting this week? We don't even need to wait until the weekend to attend.  That's right. There's a 99% chance of wine. That was a weird thing to say, right? Now it makes sense. Trying to get my mind off the lack of upcoming wine festivals, I flipped through the latest issue of Garden & Gun. I was careful not to bend any pages so that the magazine can be shared in the waiting room of the dental offices I manage. I placed the magazine down for like a second, ten tops, and got a glass of water. Phinny, who is not allowed on this chair BTW, devoured the corner of the cover, plus several pages. It seems if he hadn't gotten it, Olive and Bernadette would. Side note: Now yo