Dream Home Dreaming

It has become apparent that designing and building our dream home is going to cause a bit of stress on our relationship. I showed Sexy Nerd the following photo:

Not too shabby, right? Our real-life view on our 13.1 acre lot in the New Mexico mountains isn't going to include any other houses. This seems like a realistic idea to me. Sexy Nerd, however, says that my dream balcony is "not being practical and would never fit into our budget".

Yesterday, he caught a glimpse of a photo I had liked on Pinterest. "Send that to me!" he said. I rolled my eyes. "Really," he insisted. "I'm going to incorporate that into our house design."

The photo?

Really, Sexy Nerd? Really?

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Tiny House (On The Outside)

Okay, so Sexy Nerd thinks I'm being "unrealistic" in our dream home planning. Hear me out though!

The plan:

Build all three of these tiny houses (but even cuter!) connected by a hallway at the back, which is completely disguised by trees.

What do you get?

One great, unique, fabulous, super-cute dream house!

Now, I just need to convince the HOA's architectural review board...

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ROAR! It's a Dragonsaurous

I recently received a Dragonsaurous Child Costume to review from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Out of all the costumes I have written about for this company (Baby Skunk, Blonde Wig, and Little Lion), this one is my favorite by far! If you're looking for a costume for your baby or toddler for Halloween this year, this one is it.
Out of the package, the Dragonsaurous costume looks exactly as high quality as it does online. There is no need to iron it. The scales going down the tail and the teeth are a thick enough felt that they don't simply fall over like in lower quality costumes. The zipper works flawlessly. Everything is connected so you're not going to be searching the house frantically trying to find a part of the costume before trick-or-treating. I also love that this is a unisex costume. Boys and girls would both have fun roaring and stomping around is this costume, whether on Halloween or simply for playing dress-up.

Plus, it's super-cute!

I was especially impressed with the variety of colors and textures of the fabric. Despite being crammed into nearly too small packaging, none of the texture seemed affected in any way.

I was surprised to finally see a side view when I received this Dragonsaurous costume. It wasn't available on the website. Look - wings!

So that's why they call it a dragonsaurous instead of just a dinosaur!


Personally, I think the costume would be cuter without the little wings. They hadn't been shown online or mentioned in the product description, so they weren't what I had been expecting.

That said, what toddler costume isn't improved by the imaginary ability to fly? Wings crank the fun factor way up!

How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

...otherwise known as the Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop!

You just know you want to post this adorable button on your site. It also looks quite cute on Pinterest and Facebook!

We'll be spending the weekend getting lots of steps on our insurance-sponsored pedometers. Brilliant me wore mine everywhere for the past 2 weeks without realizing it wasn't working! I'm very behind on my steps.

Have a fun weekend, bloggy friends!


Because some days, random is the best you can hope for.

Sexy Nerd is watching Swamp Loggers. Half the words are bleeped out and you can't understand the other half. At least Shelby's dog, Willy, is pretty cute.
Part of my job involves answering the phone for a law firm. I could not get a caller off the phone yesterday. I kept telling him that I just answer the phone and am not even in the same office as the law firm - strictly an answering service with no legal experience whatsoever - but he kept insisting that I give him legal advice! Want my advice? Leave your number and wait to get legal conseling from an actual lawyer!
Our Memorial Day trip has come and gone. Next up? Australia! I'm researching airfare in between posting this weekend's linky party. The prices....OUCH! I'm awfully tempted to scrap the whole Australia thing and just take another fun road trip instead. For the price of this vacation, we could even upgrade to a nicer road trip car! I've been dreaming of a Prius with a touchscreen navigation system and that fancy solar powered air conditioner.

Is it beyond cheap of me to actually consider Jetstar Air, which doesn't even give you free water, all the way to Australia?? I'm thinking I just might get thirsty after 20 or so hours.

Continuing on with this ramble (because I can't bear to look at those outrageous airfares any more), Sexy Nerd and I finally got around to seeing The Lorax. Preceding that was lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and a bike ride. Afterward were several (dozen) games of Words with Friends and Word Scramble.

All posts must have a photo, so here 'ya go.

I have been fighting the urge to take a nap. It is waaay too early for that. Still...

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