A Mini Nightmare

My poor Sexy Nerd.

He was so happy to get his Mini Cooper. Although it was supposedly perfect when he bought it, he immediately devoted his time and money to making it even better with decals, new premium oil (though the dealership had just changed the oil), and a clear bra.

As a side note, searching online for a “clear bra” made him very uncomfortable (at least, so he says!)

Sadly, Sexy Nerd’s newly purchased Mini Cooper isn’t running. He spent all weekend working on it. Just as he was ready to put it back together, one of the bolts broke. You can just run down to any parts store and pick up another bolt, right? Nope! Mini bolts can only be replaced with Mini bolts. The Mini dealership was closed (of course!) leaving Sexy Nerd out of luck. Now, he won’t have time to fix his car until next weekend.

A lot of good your fancy Hella racing lights are going to do you now. 

I feel bad for him. Really, I do. My pre-buying research showed that Consumer Reports warned against buying a Mini Cooper, but what does Consumer Reports know? Technically, Sexy Nerd could have bought a brand new car with a warranty for less money, but whatever. I’m not even going to say I told you so.

Oops! That doesn’t count.

Did I mention that the loan guy at the dealership joked with us about how Mini Coopers are maintenance nightmares? He said he wouldn’t let his wife buy one because a Mini Cooper is a money pit. Funny enough, this was before we’d completed our purchase. Can you imagine how upset the salesman would have been if that guy had cost him the sale? Especially as it was the salesman’s birthday (I thought it was just a sales trick at the time, but he showed me his ID!) and I had already frustrated him by wheeling and dealing my way to well below the KBB value. The deal was closed with my hand on the doorknob to leave the dealership.

Hands to his head, saying AAAARGH!

Also, the loan guy told us that he would save his little dog, Gucci, before he would save his wife from being hit by a bus. An odd thing to randomly tell a stranger, isn’t it?

Blog Hop! Link Up with LambAround

It's the weekend! It's the weekend!

Sexy Nerd and I have had quite the week. We found a great new place for happy hour that's within walking distance of our house. A beer each, 2 tacos each, 3 sopapillas, (which Google keeps trying to "correct" to Sarsaparillas) and unlimited chips and salsa was only $10. Not bad! We also looked into selling our future home site to buy a lot on the golf course. Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

(Truthfully, the decision has already been made to keep our current lot. It seems much more dramatic the other way though!)

There's a great new feature for the Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop. By hovering your mouse over your favorite pins, you can easily post them to Pinterest. Neat, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Window Seat

My last window seat post was written in February, 2011, when we were planning to add a window seat to our home. Two+ years later, how is that window seat coming along?

To quote Christmas Vacation, I can picture it in my mind and it's breathtaking.

Sexy Nerd has been too busy to build my window seat. Between organizing his office, painting "meatballs" on his Mini Cooper, baking raw cookies, and napping while simultaneously watching Nascar, he just hasn't had the time.

One day I'll get my window seat. How difficult do you think it would be for me to just build it myself?

Keeping in mind that I'm not handy at all.

Really, you may as well consider me the anti-handy.

Here are some window seat ideas I've seen online. The 3rd photo looks doable. I could probably just put some cheap bookcases side by side and top them with a patio cushion from Home Depot. Of course, what I really want is the window seat from either the 1st or 2nd photo (along with the chandelier above it, the arch, the brick, and the wood, all somehow seamlessly merged into 1 perfect spot).

A pretty view outside the window would be nice too.


One day.

BLOG HOP - Increase Traffic to Your Blog

It's finally the weekend.


I, for one, am ready. Can you tell?

And Sexy Nerd made dinner tonight! This weekend is off to a wonderful start.

A Toast to Lemon Curd

You're going to think I'm nuts.

For breakfast every morning, I have 5 pieces of toast. FIVE!!!

The bread I buy is Nature's Own 100% whole grain, low sugar, blah-blah, so I like to pretend that the "everything in moderation" rule doesn't apply. It's also from the dollar store and is the best deal ever - important when you're eating several loaves per week! On each piece of toast, I have a different topping. My assortment this morning was Vegemite, peanut butter, raw honey, "super jam" (yes, you read that right. It's a surprisingly good concoction of every jam and jelly I had in the fridge, blended to oblivion in the Vitamix), and simple, homemade lemon curd.

Don't fret if you've never made your own lemon curd. It's fairly foolproof. Real cooks will hate me for saying this, but if for some reason your lemon curd won't thicken, just add a little cornstarch mixed with cold water. I've made it with and without cornstarch and both ways taste the same to me.

Homemade Lemon Curd
Makes 12 ounces
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice (I mix 1/4C from 4 freshly squeezed lemons and 1/4C bottled lemon juice)
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 a stick of butter
  • 1 egg
Whisk together all ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium, stirring frequently. Your lemon curd should be ready in 15-20 minutes and should coat the back of a spoon.

Not thickening? Mix 1.5 Tbsp of cornstarch with 1/8C cold water. Add 1/2 the mixture to your lemon curd while whisking vigorously.

And yes, I'm sure Ina Garten never uses bottled lemon juice for her lemon curd and she certainly never, ever thickens it with cornstarch. This is budget style for the cooking-challenged/impatient and it's still darn good!

Now that you have your lemon curd, you just need to gather 4 other toppings and you'll be all set for your breakfast of crazy champions! Or, better yet, you can make my Baked Lemon Ricotta Donuts recipe.

Blog Party Time! Link Up Your Fave Posts

Happy Saturday night, everyone! Sorry I've been MIA the past few days. I've just been so distracted...

...partying it up for my birthday!

Now that I'm officially an old codger, it's time to buckle down and work hard on my blog. The Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop should have been up hours ago!

Actually, you guys enjoy the blog hop. Now that I'm so old, I can't stay awake as late as I used to. 9:30 on a Saturday night? This birthday girl is going to bed!

I'll be looking forward to visiting all your nifty blogs in the morning, of course :)

Not Exactly Feeling Relaxed

I'm about to leave for the 2nd massage of my Groupon (or was it a LivingSocial deal?) One day I'll learn my lesson about those deal sites. You think Two massages for $40? Score! Never mind that I'd be perfectly happy with ZERO massages for ZERO dollars.

Remember my post Awkward?

Send some positive thoughts my way that I not laugh nervously and hysterically through the whole thing! I have been dreading this massage. Remind me to never book one of these ever again.
By the way, how much are you supposed to tip for a massage?

You are supposed to tip, right?

I'm so nervous that my fingertips are slightly sweaty. My toes probably are too. It will just get worse as I'm laying on the massage table, covered in only a sheet. The masseuse will probably begin to rub my foot and think Eeeeeew, this girl is all sweaty and gross. Can they notice things like that or are their hands too greasy from all the scented oil?

I'm hungry. What if my stomach roars throughout the entire massage?

It would be like Soft, chimey music. Candles. Dimmed lighting. GROWL!!!

Massages are super stressful.

Oh, and if you Google 'lambaround awkward', you get 758,000 results. I'm worse than I thought.

Learning to Drive at 29

Our original agreement was that Sexy Nerd would buy an automatic Mini Cooper. That way, I could also drive it, if needed (like when he steals my beautiful, superior Chevy Volt).

He can't be trusted. Our agreement popped right out of Sexy Nerd's head the instant he saw this Mini Cooper, which is a manual transmission.

Compare this photo to the Mini Cooper I posted a few weeks ago. Yep, Sexy Nerd took no time going crazy with the decals. At least I was able to talk him out of painting flames on each mirror!

We've made it through driving lesson #1 and are still a happy couple. The car is still working fine, as far as I can tell. No progress toward me actually being able to drive the Mini Cooper though. Why does anyone choose a manual transmission over an automatic? I can't figure out how to drive that crazy thing!

After bringing the Mini Cooper to a shuddering, jerky halt for the 5th time, I asked Sexy Nerd if my problem was that I was releasing the clutch too quickly or too slowly. His answer?

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