The Grump Goes to Santa Fe

Once upon a time, there was a Grump. He didn't always used to be a Grump. Maybe it was his skepticism of the value of a staycation. Perhaps he was frustrated with people judging his water-carrying backpack, saying that he was much too close to home to dress like such a tourist.

Some people just don't like Santa Fe.

"Santa Fe people," thought the Grump "are a bunch of hippies. I will not smile, no matter how much my cute wife wants a photo of me in front of the Santa Fe sign. You must never smile at a hippie or they will steal your power."

When faced with the prospect of walking to Canyon Road to browse the art galleries, the Grump crumpled his oversized hat in frustration. "We have perfectly good art in Albuquerque," he muttered.

 Shopping at the Santa Fe Plaza only seemed to create a Sleepy Grump. "We rode the train here," he was quick to point out. "You can't get any of this junk home. It's all overpriced anyway. The music in this store sounds like lasers. It's stupid."

After that, the Grump refused to look in his cheerful wife's direction any more when she had her camera out.

Would the stupendous Santa Fe staycation be destroyed by the Grump? Wasn't there anything in Santa Fe that could interest a nerdy engineer?


 The Grump spotted something at the Railyard Park. His MBTs took him straight to it, lickety split.

"A bench suspended in the air? Is it just more foofy Santa Fe art or can you actually sit on it?"

The Grump sat down cautiously, prepared at any moment for the inferior Santa Fe engineering to land him in the dirt.
He didn't fall.

"Hmmm," thought the Grump, hardly a grump at all anymore.

Of all the fun things to do in Santa Fe, it had been a floating bench that turned his frown upside down!

Then his delightful wife stopped in the middle of the road to take a photo of a whimsical tree and asked him what he thought might be living inside.

And he went right back to being a grump.

A Deathlike Slumber

Sexy Nerd and I have been together for more than 11 years. Keep this in mind while reading the following conversation we had yesterday:

Sexy Nerd: Hey! You know what I noticed the other night? You have sleep apnea.

Me: Wha?!

Sexy Nerd: You just stopped breathing the other night. You weren't breathing for, like, a minute. Then, you were gasping for breath. Then, you woke up. That must have been the cause of your insomnia problem all along. Sleep apnea!

Me: So, you think I've always stopped breathing for dangerous amounts of time, every night that you've known me?

Sexy Nerd: Yeah!

Me: never more than eleven years?

Sexy Nerd: ...

Me: And how long were you going to wait to see if I started breathing again? A minute seems like kind of a long time, don't you think?

Sexy Nerd: ...I...didn't want to risk waking you...because I love you...

So, apparently this is what my (most likely shortened) future holds:

CPAP machine - no way, jose

Del Taco Ensaladas Review

Del Taco has a tasty new option, the Handcrafted Ensalada! Which, I guess is Del Taco talk for salad.

 There are 3 flavors to choose from: Taco Salad (TS), Chicken Bacon Avocado (CB), and Mexican Chopped Chicken (MC).

What could the PR on this sticker mean?

(Truth be told, I knew what the PR meant the other day, when I took this photo. At least, I think I knew it. I'm sure I knew it! What was it??)

Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad, including a side of tortilla chips. That was a nice surprise! There was supposed to be a side of Cilantro Pepita Ranch, but my Albuquerque Del Taco forgot to include it. You'd think I'd have learned to check my order after the Bacon Quesadilla debacle, but sadly no.

They didn't shy away from the cilantro-awesomeness, which is one of the reasons I love Del Taco. 

Of course, if cilantro tastes like soap to you (you poor, poor person) I'm sure they'll happily make you an Ensalada without it.


The Del Taco Ensalada was huge, so I added 2 tacos to my order (currently free when you enroll in their eClub - yay!) and considered dinner done.

1 crunchy chicken taco and 1 soft chicken taco. They do not skimp on the cheese at Del Taco.

You figured I'd give 1 taco to Sexy Nerd and keep the other for myself, didn't you?
Around here, we cut our tacos in half. Crunchy shells be darned!

If you're in the mood for a salad but worry you'll still be hungry afterward, the new Del Taco Ensaladas are a great option. They're a bit pricey, at about $5 each, but there are eClub coupons available to make it a better value. In addition to the free taco offer, there's currently a coupon for a free drink with your Ensalada purchase.

All blog posts should end with a close up of BACON, don't you think?

The Downside of Being Married to an Engineer

Oh no, Ocho! One of your legs wasn't quite level, so Sexy Nerd "fixed" it.

In his defense, he had no reason to suspect your leg would snap off entirely. I mean, yeah I told him exactly that would happen if he messed with it and to just leave it alone, but other than that, how was he to know?

$200 Octopus Pedestal Stand from Z Gallerie
(Well, not $200 anymore, obviously)
Your leg! Your beautiful leg!

Will I Ever Post Again?

Sexy Nerd has a new phone that takes excellent photos, so we've been using it exclusively instead of lugging a camera around. We have photos from the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes, our recent trip to Hawaii, and many other blog-worthy events. In fact, we attended the opening weekend of the home parade, making it essential to post on my blog ASAP so it could serve as a resource for people thinking of going. Sexy Nerd agreed. And yet...

Sexy Nerd said he would send me the photos more than a month ago.

The Colorado Springs Parade of Homes is long over.

Sexy Nerd is still saying he's going to send me the photos.


Where are the photos, Sexy Nerd?!?

An old photo (obviously) of Sexy Nerd.
Spend less time giving pep talks to half-dead trees and more time sending me photos!
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