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Cornbread Muffins...with Hot Dogs and Spinach!

OMG! These cornbread muffins are yummy!You know that feeling you get when you eat sooooo much? The feeling where you just want to waddle around the rest of the afternoon and do nothing but complain about how full you are? I'm there. I had the day off from work and decided to do some much needed tidying up around the house. While cleaning out the pantry, I discovered a few pouches of cornbread mix. Printed on each was Better If Used By 21NOV2009. 2009?? Not wanting to let my purchase go bad, (though, some would probably argue that it already had gone bad) I sprang into baking mode, conveniently leaving no-fun-whatsoever cleaning mode in the past.

I had no intention of blogging about this, but the finished product was just too tasty not to share. Look at all that muffiny (yes, muffiny!) goodness.

Pigging out on cornbread muffins isn't that bad if 9 are mini muffins, right? Really, it's like I've had just 2 muffins.
By moving all the muffins out of the pans, Sexy Nerd has no…

Snazzy Website Full of Snazzy (and REAL!) Deals

Today I am going to let you, my fabulous readers, in on a snazzy website that’s full of great deals. My mom was actually the one who found it first. She told me that she received an email telling her to go to a site and hand over her credit card information in exchange for a coupon she could print herself. Can you guess what my reaction was? Oh yes, I thought that whoever it was over in Mauritius or wherever these wacko emails originate had found the perfect sucker and that she had been ripped off big time.
My mom continued to call and pester me about whether or not I’d visited the site yet. “Yeah, it’s great,” I told her, rolling my eyes. Links from her email address flooded my Inbox. Finally, just to prove what a waste of time and money the website was, I took a look.
Damn. She was right. I purchased a coupon for $140 worth of fancy spa services for $70 and another coupon for $15 worth of fancy (everything on the site seems fancy to me) food at a restaurant in Old Town for just $7.…

The Most Embarrassing Work Story EVER

It's already Tuesday night and I haven't posted anything. This calls for a rerun (don't worry - it's a good one!) And, yes, I am still working at the same place. No, my boss has not changed at all.

What's Your Size? An Embarrassing Work Story
Working in a dental office is wonderful. I have an extremely lovable, quirky boss. Remember when she bought me a cheesecake and a box of Fairytale Brownies? She's all about doing nice things for her employees. Christmas is no exception, of course, and every year we wonder what gift she's going to give us.

The other day, there was a list posted at work, asking all employees to write down a couple personal details to help our boss with her holiday shopping. Personal? Just little things, you know, like your bra size. On display. For everyone in the office to read. I don't think we're getting food this year.

I answered her questions (nothing like a little peer pressure, right?) and returned to my job, answering phon…

Does This Mean We're Divorced?

*For part 2 of this post, please click here.

This morning, I awoke to the sound of something hitting the tile floor in the bathroom, followed by "OH NO!" When I went to investigate, I found Sexy Nerd with his arm underneath the vanity, attempting to retrieve whatever it was he had dropped. It was his tungsten carbide wedding band.

Now, who here knows what happens when you drop your tungsten carbide ring on your porcelain tile floor at just the right angle?

Oh no, indeed, Sexy Nerd!

I just noticed that Google has put an ad for "Tungsten Forever" wedding bands at the bottom of my blog. LOL! If only they knew...

*For part 2 of this post, please Click Here.

Oprah Is Taking All My Money!

Have you seen this months issue of the Oprah magazine? They have a section called "25 for $25 (or Less!)", which is full of beauty bargains. Usually, I breeze through features like this, scoffing at their so-called "deals" for items I either would never want to buy or items I can find for even less. This 3 page section was different though. It had 3 items I wanted and if I bought all 3, I would be spending $75, plus shipping, but the regular price of the items would be $360! All I had to do was use the coupon code OPRAH or OPRAH25.

I know, I know. It doesn't matter if the regular price was $5000 if I wasn't going to buy the products to begin with. True, I hadn't even heard of these before, but after reading about them, I had to have them! Or (cheap side kicking in) at least one of them!
Dr. Loretta Dermatologist Skin Care Youthful Wri-Lax - regularly $100! 
Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Creme - regularly $120!
Colbert M.D. Heal …

LambAround Comic Strip #3

A disclaimer from Sexy Nerd: He would never say anything like this!

Sexy Nerd Grew a Strawberry

And what a beautiful strawberry it was!


Not Feeling Particularly Great Right Now, But No Regrets

It’s 6:48pm on Wednesday (and I am loving the future post option on Blogger). Roughly 48 hours have passed since I opened the 2 pound box of chocolate. It is empty. I even ate the yucky ones (truffles). Willpower? What’s that? It was one heck of a ride. Two of the chocolates were filled with (cue suspenseful “duh nuh na nuh” music) toffee-covered popcorn!

For those of you thinking to yourselves SHE ATE 2 POUNDS OF CHOCOLATE IN 2 DAYS?!? you will be relieved to know that I had a light, healthy breakfast on both days, so my overindulgence really wasn’t all that bad.

Aaaaaah, chocolate!

The "toffee-covered popcorn" was Moose Munch, which Harry & David is known for. Why did it take me so long to figure that out? What has all this chocolate done to me?? Clearly, I'm suffering mental side effects from chocolate withdrawal. In the interest of my health, I will need to go acquire more chocolate immediately!

Harry & David Chocolates

Sexy Nerd and I stopped by the outlet mall in Santa Fe. There, we found the BEST DEAL EVER! Two pounds of Harry & David chocolates sure you're ready...

That's like $0.13 per piece, people! Ahh, I've been living in chocolate bliss ever since. Here, let me share the deliciousness with you. Layer 1 of chocolatey goodness
Followed by... Another layer! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!
That's all the writing I have in me for now. I've been apart from my new love interest long enough.

Sexy Nerd Quote Of The Day

Sexy Nerd, looking over my shoulder while I'm online: "Did that say 'pimp my baby'?"

I was looking at I wonder if I should be concerned about what goes on in Sexy Nerd's mind.

Hey, Sexy Nerd! Don't pimp Biscuit!

Crazy Hair

And now, simply because I think people will get a kick out of this, here are two photos of me. One has been adjusted with a photo editing tool:

This first photo is not too shabby. I had just had my hair cut and thought I looked fairly decent. However, after adjusting the lighting and colors of the photo, it was revealed that my snazzy new haircut was not as neat and tidy as I had thought...


Day of Blogging Silence for Cohen