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Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

The Cactus Incident

Did everyone have a pleasant weekend? Here in New Mexico, the weather was so perfect that we decided to pack a picnic lunch, ditch Albuquerque, and hike the property that we purchased a few months ago. Our "picnic" consisted of cans of Coke (his) and Diet Coke (mine) and a shared Subway sandwich. We sat on a rock with an old beach towel on top of it. That counts, right? Don't tell those hard core, wine-glasses and silverware toting picnickers about us. Anyway... We wandered our 13 acres for almost 4 hours while Sexy Nerd fiddled with his GPS, trying to mark the exact property boundaries. The perfect weather turned out to be insanely hot, which was okay because I had ignored Sexy Nerd's advice about wearing long pants and thick shoes. Shorts and sandals were working out great! You can get by just fine when you have your husband to pull branches out of your way, even if his chivalry does include a lecture on proper hiking attire. Personally, I ha

Blog Hop! Link Up and Pin Up

What's the #1 fastest and easiest way to have your blog post featured on the LambAround Pinterest board? Sharing your work here, of course! Ooh, and don't forget to enter my $25 SneakPeeq giveaway , if you haven't already. Sure, that's a shameless plug, but it's okay when it's a shameless plug that includes $10 off your first order! They have cocoa nibs right now that are almost free after the discount. And toffee! And lots of other non-food awesomeness too, of course, but really, I mostly love them for their cheap sweets. Have a spiffy weekend, everyone!

Why I Loves Me Some Sexy Nerd

Email waiting for me this cold, snowy morning:  Drive safe…there are a ton of crazies out there!  As usual, if you can get out of the neighborhood, the roads are just fine. Thank you for the cookie :)  Aren’t you a sweetie?  I guess I can forgive you for your superior vocabularity!  Yes, I made that up though how cool would it be if that were a word? I love you! Hmmm...after reading that out of context, I suppose I had better point out that the "cookie" Sexy Nerd was referring to was indeed a real cookie, which I snuck onto the driver's seat of his truck as a surprise. Oh, and I have totally destroyed him in all 8 of our games of Words with Friends. Muah ha ha! Sadly for Sexy Nerd, I wasn't quite as sweet with my reply: Aww! You write the cutest, spur-of-the-moment emails. It kinda almost makes me feel bad for planning to make that delicious eggplant pasta for our dinner tonight. Almost. (You would hate for the eggplant

Spring Cleaning - My Most Favorite Thing in the World (NOT!)

This is the built-in bookcase in our dining room. It's really not that bad, right?   Right?? If Pica wanders in much further, we may never see her again! The bookcase that my Sexy Nerd worked so hard on ( before pics here ) had become an easy place for us to stash homeless objects. It started innocently enough - a basket, a candle or two - but we were soon overwhelmed with junk. Step one of cleaning a bookcase is sorting through the junk, which always takes forever! Mostly because of things like this: Ummm, is there a reason we're keeping this little pot of dirt inside a glass? And what do these screws belong to? We do have a garage...kind of a better place for screws. And Biscuit ate the little plastic pieces out of the timer the last time it was plugged into the wall (seriously!) so there's no sense in keeping it. Sand from my trip to the Seychelles . Pretty, but it doesn't belong on the dining room bookcase. This picture is actually h

SneakPeeq Coupon & Credit! Giveaway

Have you heard of sneakpeeq? They're a fun new source for online deals. Basically, you receive a number of "peeqs" each day, which is like peeling off a virtual price tag to reveal the super-discounted clearance price underneath! Yours truly fell in love with sneakpeeq after purchasing this for one dollar , shipped (!!!): Four fancy, full-size Indaphoria chocolate bars. Can you believe it? Give me chocolate and I will be your friend for life. What's that? You want practically free chocolate (and clothes, and home goods, and all kinds of other nifty things) too? You don't say! Well, s neakpeeq has given me a $25 gift card to give away to one lucky duck reader. Bonus? After entering, you will receive 20% off your next purchase! Because $1 for all those candy bars just wasn't cheap enough, I guess.   To enter the giveaway and to receive your 20% off sneakpeeq coupon, all you have to do is join through this link: . Easy,

Ooey Gooey Rum Cake - Now With Mini Marshmallows!

We're out of eggs. Sexy Nerd wanted some chocolate cake anyway. So, what did I make? Ooey Gooey Rum Cake , of course! The last time I made this, I topped it with marshmallow cream. But, we're all out. (Seriously, it might be time for me to go to the grocery store.) Instead, I used mini marshmallows. They were added about 10 minutes into baking and the oven was switched to the broiler setting. The trick is to let the edge get cakey, but not let the center cook all the way. It's like the easiest chocolate lava cake ever! Though, admittedly, it may not be the prettiest lava cake around.

Dr. Oz 2 Day Cleanse

Wondering if you read this post's title correctly? Starting tomorrow, Sexy Nerd and I are going to attempt the Dr. Oz 48 Hour Cleanse , which I read about in the March issue of the Oprah magazine. The timing seems perfect. With tomorrow being Daylight Savings, our diet will be 1 hour shorter! Sexy Nerd is not 100% on board. I think he may try to cheat and have a cup of coffee in the morning. Good luck, Sexy Nerd. I have hidden the coffee! Muah ha ha! We'll see how this goes.

Dining Room Ideas

Dining rooms! Should we go formal? Just a cozy nook off the kitchen? Do we even need a dining room at all or will a fancy kitchen island suffice? The most fun part of building our dream home is looking online for inspiration. Here are a few extravagant dining room photos I have saved. You might notice a theme while browsing these dining room ideas. Dining table + expensive, white rug underneath. It's an elegant thought, but we're sloppy joe people. Methinks not. The grouping of mirrors, that spiffy kitchen island, the crystals on the chandelier - I heart this dining room photo! Pretend the stairs stop at the dining table and the walls enclose each side. How fun would it be to have the dining room perched above the living room on its own mini-floor! I just don't trust myself to pull off white walls. Sure, it looks great here, but in real life, plain white always looks so...plain white. At least, it does when I try it. My favorite is the last, the first. The tw

Braces Adjustment: Before and After

My second braces adjustment went a little something like this: Orthodontist: Those little wires on the sides don't want to stay in, but that's okay. We can just wire everything together. It will be much more permanent. I wasn't sure what he meant, but was aware while lying in the chair that this braces adjustment was taking much longer than the last and involved a great deal more wires and pulling on my teeth. The assistant jammed a sharp wire into my cheek and joked that she was going to give me a piercing. Ahh, so this was what he had meant: The 'After' is below (like you couldn't tell!) Afterward, Sexy Nerd took one look at me and asked what the point of clear brackets was. Ummm, yeah. My thoughts exactly. And those sharp little twisties all over? I hate those sharp little twisties!

BLOG HOP (and STUPID Story!)

First up, I want to share something completely stupid I did this morning. I made oatmeal pancakes just for myself. I halved the 2 person recipe. At least, I halved everything up until the last 2 ingredients - oatmeal and flour - then became distracted and threw in double the amount needed of each. The batter was crazy thick, but I had never tried the recipe before and assumed it was just supposed to be that way. Those were some really bad pancakes. Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

Window Seat Idea - Dream Home Inspiration of the Day

See it? Waaay at the back of the photo? I like how the window seat extends past the window all the way to the wall. How about you?