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Gobble, gobble! Just in time for Thanksgiving, here are 36 foolproof Instant Pot recipes. Each has at least a 4.5 star rating and a minimum of 30 reviews. No Instant Pot? Treat yourself this Black Friday and use your Crock Pot in the meantime.

Pretzel S'mores Recipe

We're overdue for a trip to Costco. While craving the sweet and salty yummyness that is s'mores with pink Himalayan sea salt , I opened our pantry door and discovered a horrible, terrible thing. No graham crackers! (As the very person who'd polished off the graham crackers a few days earlier, you wouldn't think I'd have been so surprised, but what can you do?) Instead of ignoring my s'mores craving in favor of, say, a stalk of celery, I improvised and created a new kind of s'more. Some (Sexy Nerd) will tell you it's better than the original. Others (me) will tell these new s'mores that they're cute, and even that they make a tasty snack, but not to bet on a recurring role in my kitchen. My heart belongs to graham. Pretzel S'mores Recipe Ingredients: (self explanatory, but I'll get questions if I leave this out!) Mini pretzels Chocolate chips Mini marshmallows Peanut butter (optional - this way is Sexy Ne

Menu for Sexy Nerd's Birthday Dinner

Thanks to everyone who offered recipe ideas for Sexy Nerd's birthday! I was having a tricky time deciding what to make, but luckily a great idea occurred to me. I asked him what he wanted! It's such a simple concept, right? Pretty! Do men appreciate pretty when it comes to their food? He said anything would be fine and that he's sure whatever I made would be delicious, which is sweet but also so very not helpful! After a little pestering, he decided on green chili chicken enchiladas. Here is the menu: Chicken Enchilada Casserole I plan to make the enchilada casserole using fresh green chili (one of the perks of living in Albuquerque) and this chicken recipe: Shredded Chicken for Enchiladas, Tostadas, Tacos... Chips and Black Bean and Corn Salad Dip Cheddar Chive Scones Which will be served with Super Easy and Delicious Zucchini Butter I was going to make these sweet potato fries as well, but sweet potatoes were not on sale t

Kitchen Door with Chalkboard Paint

I've been meaning to write a new blog post for a few days. With everything going on in my life right now, there's simply no time. By "everything", I mean the exact same routine as always. That sounds so much more lazy though! We did recently have our move to Omaha plans squashed (boo hoo) and my insomnia has been worse than usual over the past week, so I think I can get away with a blogging repost this week. No? There's never an excuse for a repost? But it's such a funny one! At least I'm being honest instead of trying to pass it off as new material. (The darn date on the picture gave me away!) As mentioned before, Sexy Nerd gets up insanely early every day (See the time written on the photo? INSANE!) By the time Zombie-me makes it out of bed, he's been at work almost 2 hours. When I came downstairs the other morning, there was a doggy-related message waiting for me on our chalkboard door. Where's the "All of the Above" op

Time to Bug Out

First, I'd like to begin this post with a traumatic TMI story. The other night, I was in the bathroom (TMI?) and a spider FELL FROM THE CEILING, landed ON MY BARE LEG, and - this is truly the stuff of nightmares - BIT ME! (!!!!!!) Now my leg is itchy. Okay, on to the meat of this post. Are there any bug enthusiasts out there? (You people are CRAZY, but to each their own, I guess.) We have this weirdo moth/fly thingy in our loft and I've never seen an insect like it before. Geez our windows are dirty. The last time they were cleaned the previous owners of our house (I assume). Also, what is this thing??