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We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Rustic Glam

We're just a few months away from breaking ground on our dream home...assuming we ever finalize our design! Here are the things we know for certain:

Our dream home will be rustic and glam.
Glamstic? Rustam?

Our dream home will have charming doors leading to a private courtyard.

The driveway will be lined with fragrant, drought-tolerant plants.

Our dream home will have as much character as we can cram in! Reclaimed wood where the hallway turns the corner? Yes, please.

Three of the living room walls will be stone, floor to (very high) ceiling.

The fourth wall will be wood, matching the windows.

There will be a wall of fire at the edge of our Endless Pool, visible as guests approach our house.

In our dream home, all the floors will be brick, including the patios. The vaulted ceiling of the living room and kitchen will be wood.

There will be a charming drink station, complete with an instant hot water dispenser for tea.

Reluctantly, our kitchen sink will be white ceramic. I'd been hoping for a hammered, nickel-plated copper sink, but apparently they're a maintenance nightmare. However...

I will still have a little one in my drink station. I'll be careful with it!

Our dream home will have this exact landscaping off the patio. Somehow, it will not blow away or fade in the sun.

The roof will be a mixture of vaulted and flat.

We will have the fanciest mud room you've ever seen. I don't know where the mud is going to go, but it ain't going here!

 Our dream home will have a built-in grilling area, neatly tucked behind closed doors when not in use.

Our dream home kitchen will be white and will magically keep itself clean. 

A few of our white cabinet doors will have vibrant decals.

Our pantry will be a secret.

Somehow, we will have this exact bathroom.

Our dream home will have cozy nooks that double as overflow guest bedrooms.

The doors will be full of character. All of them.

There must be adorable shutters!

Our dream home will be filled with decorative moulding and trim. In the foyer, it may even cover the walls, doors, and ceiling.

Hallways will not end with a door. Instead, they will feature wall-size artwork.

There will be a perfect place to hang chili ristas. Non-negotiable.

 Our dream home will have this quatrefoil window, no matter the cost.
Assuming, of course, that the cost is $500 or less.
(Fingers crossed!)


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