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My Never-Ending Story of Cosmetic Dentistry: Braces Before & After

This is my "Can you believe these are really my teeth?!" face.
My mom insists I've done so much to my teeth that they're going to fall out. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY, MOM!
Braces Before & AfterFor the record, my teeth are all icky and brown in the middle photo for two reasons.
I'd recently gotten my braces off. Teeth with braces are impossible to keep clean.In preparation for gum surgery, I'd been using a prescription mouthwash that removes any trace of white from your teeth. I've had a terrible smile ever since 3rd grade, when I fell face-first onto the road and fractured my front teeth. My dentist at the time did the best he could to make them look nice, but dental technology in the early 90s just wasn't what it is today. Plus, let's face it, a 3rd grader is rarely a model patient. 

Fearing braces, which I was convinced would be painful (not to mention, I was more than awkward and dorky enough without a mouthful of metal), I went through life …

The U.S.S. Sexy Nerd

A few years ago, Sexy Nerd decided he needed a boat, desert living be darned. Not just any boat, of course - he planned to create a homemade, folding boat! Google "How to Build a Folding Boat". Not many results, right? Only my husband is crazy enough to try such a thing.

Here he is, attempting to paddle from the shore:

When you're the captain of a folding boat, a lifejacket is a must. Who cares if the water is shallow? 

Here, his dad tries to give him an unexpected, helpful push:

Here is Sexy Nerd, caught off balance and falling (almost) overboard:
So, did Sexy Nerd's folding boat sink or float? Take a look:
For the record, I thought my music choice was mean and only played it to Sexy Nerd as a joke, but he loved it. He embraces his redneck ways.

I'm still impressed...but have to point out that, many years later, the time above is still the only time this folding boat has ever been taken out of our garage. Thank goodness it doesn't take up a lot of sp…

Wood Chandelier (How Did They Know?!)

My lovable, wacky boss finds it concerning that the internet knows so much about all of our lives. Google a product and suddenly ads for the exact same thing appear on every website you visit. If I search for something at work while logged into my boss's Gmail account, it affects my browsing when I go home, though I'm using a completely different account on a completely different computer. The internet even knows who-knows-who.

Well, my boss is going to be FREAKED OUT by this one.

I was browsing through old design magazines last night, trying to get ideas for the house we're building. I was reading an old issue of Country Living, from 2007 or so, and came across a photo of a kitchen with the most amazing wooden chandeliers. Where a typical chandelier would have dangling, sparkly crystals, this one had wood hanging from each light. They were perfect for our mountain home! The article detailed where to buy everything in the house, from the valences down to the throw rugs - e…

Amerisleep Promo Codes: Save on Your New Mattress (Leesa, Casper, Etc Too!)

A friend recently purchased a new mattress for her son, who is attending college in New York and relies solely on public transportation. I'd recommended Amerisleep to her, which was perfect because it could be shipped directly to his door, but after discussing it, we decided that investing in an Amerisleep twin mattress might not be the best choice. He would be leaving school in less than two years and needed a cheap, temporary solution.

We spent some time comparison shopping online. Based on cost alone, our top choice was a Sleep Number bed, which was on sale for $399. My friend said, "Two hundred a year is nothing compared to tuition. Sold!" We'd read some iffy reviews online about Sleep Number mattresses not lasting, an opinion reinforced by their abysmally short warranty, but hoped it would at least make it two years. I helped her navigate the checkout process, entering all of her son's delivery information, and felt confident in our choice. Then, Sleep Number…