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A Whirlwind Trip Home for My BFF

Sarah, Jessica, and I have been BFFs for as long as I can remember. We met in elementary school and our friendship somehow survived my move from San Jose to Albuquerque at the end of 7th grade. In our cookie cutter neighborhood, we lived in the same single-story floor plan. At the ripe old age of 12, we asserted our independence by strolling the local mall and watching Liar, Liar unchaperoned. Still, living so far from each other and without any of our original interests to pull us together, like Sega games, bike riding, and Sailor Moon (who am I kidding? At 33, I still love Sailor Moon), you'd think we might drift apart.

Nonsense. We're the 3 musketeers! And we have been ever since that candy bar commercial came out in the 90s. Big on chocolate, not on fat!

Sarah on the left, Jessica on the right, and that poor girl being cannibalized in the middle is yours truly.
I haven't seen either of these crazy gals since my "second" wedding (also to Sexy Nerd - long story)…

My (Actually Delicious!) Beauty Smoothie

I don't usually (or ever) post Vitamix recipes here. It's not that I don't think people would be interested in trying my homemade Vitamix recipes. My blender creations have just never been good enough to share. In fact, many of them have been borderline revolting.

After much trial and error, however, I am happy to announce that I finally have a delicious Vitamix winner! Just look at this beautiful green smoothie:

Note my dapper Frog Prince admiring its green loveliness. He's pondering why I didn't name this recipe The Frog.
My Best Vitamix Green Smoothie Recipe
So creamy - this is not another boring green juice. Makes 40 ounces
Throw the following into the blender:
1 Cup Cold Water2 Tbsp Chia Seeds1/2 can Pineapple with Juice (10 ounces)Then add: 1 Mango1 Orange (or 2 oranges, if yours are itty bitty like mine!)1 Radish1 Kale Leaf (a great, big one!)1/2 a Cucumber1 Tbsp Flax Seeds2 Celery Stalks1 Small Parsley SprigBefore blending, let everything mellow together in the fri…

The BEST Kitchen (N)ever

Update: Since posting this, we've added a red brick backsplash and the most gorgeous hammered chrome Pottery Barn cabinet hardware. Check out our new kitchen photos.

I've been fretting about our new kitchen for a little while now. Since...2011? With our open floor plan, the kitchen is the main focal point of the home. You see it when you walk through the front door, when you're in the living room, from the dining room, etc. You can't miss it. So, my thinking is that if the kitchen sucks, the house sucks. And when you've been designing the house since 2011, that really can't be an option.

We've also been determined not to build a boring house. Ours should be unique! Does unique = sucky? Whenever I'd describe our kitchen to someone, there would always be at least one detail that confused/worried/frustrated them. A sink with horses? Mirrored cabinets 12 feet high?! In my mind, everything looks amazing. But how would these wild design ideas work in real life?

Kitty's Amazing Homestyle Mayonnaise!

Update: Be sure to check out my Homestyle Salad, made with Knorr Homestyle Stock. It's one of my favorite recipes!

You've probably seen Knorr Homestyle Stock at the grocery store and thought it's no different from any other stock or even those little bouillon cubes. It can actually make things no other stock can.

See the yumminess below?

Ooooh, yumminess.

Today, I have a recipe for you that is unlike any other you have ever tried. I owe it all to a tiny tub of concentrated chicken stock.

My recipe breakthrough came last Tuesday. I had the day off from work and was faced with a long list of things to get done: nap, blog, watch TV, nap some more, read magazines, etc. It's a rough, child-free life!

I read a blog post about an attempted home robbery and began to comment about the time I lived alone and an irate intruder tried to break down my front door. Just thinking about it makes me want to double check all our locks. Because the universe has a cruel sense of humor, as I wrap…

Construction Update: 3 Bathroom Styles, 1 House

There are a million decisions to make when designing and building a new home, from the pitch of the roof to the teensiest light bulb. Rather than try to choose between our favorite styles, we've mixed them all.

Amazingly, the different tiles, colors, and materials have actually worked together to become one cohesive design. Thank goodness!
Guest Suite Bathroom Our "rustic" style bathroom
Rustic GLAM by the time it's finished.

We continued the flooring right up the wall. To the right of the brick is the shower.

See? Rustic...glam!
I have the cutest chipmunk artwork to hang behind this tub.
You'll be able to simultaneously bathe and bask in the chipmunky cuteness.

Update: We're moved in and I just LOVE my little chipmunk. He's not on the wall though because Sexy Nerd is afraid of damaging the brick. Perhaps we can hang wires from the ceiling and attach my artwork to them. It's not the craziest idea I've ever had.

Speaking of the craziest idea I've ever ha…