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Cute Puppy Photos (and a Not-So-Cute Puppy Story)

I have a hilariously disgusting puppy story to share. It isn't quite as dramatic as Biscuit's funny dog story, but comes close.

In the photo below, 8-week old Olive was exploring the house and I was following her with my camera. She wandered into the pantry and became excited when she found a bin of plastic bags. Yipping and squirming, she pawed through them and knocked over a dustpan that was resting against the wall. 

"What are you doing?" I cooed, thinking this was really adorable.

I stopped taking photos. She was pooping.

As gross as that was, you really can't beat the convenience of having it right in the dustpan. Such a good, smart puppy! Can you tell I'm a proud dog mama?

Now that you've suffered through that TMI story, here are some Olive photos to enjoy. I promise she's not doing anything inappropriate in any of them!

Cute Puppy Photos



Update: We're totally those crazy people who have our dog's DNA tested. Here are Olive's results! Can you guess her breed(s)?