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Our Small Home Office (Featured in Albuquerque Magazine)

Just the other day, I mentioned to a friend that it would be a dream come true to have our home featured in a magazine, but that it wouldn't be a possibility for at least several years because we still have so many projects to complete. Imagine my surprise when Albuquerque the Magazine asked to feature SN's small home office! This office is perfect for keeping an eye on our little weirdos as they lovingly maul each other. Even  Olive made it into the article. Check it out for free in the digital issue (page 94): Small Home Office Magazine Interview with Kitty Deschanel This is the hallway containing our small home office. SN built the light fixtures. Here's the full text of my interview with the editor: Q. What was your day-to-day at work like before the pandemic? A. With a busy travel schedule, Derek was usually only home on the weekends, and sometimes not even then. It wasn't uncommon for him to work in 3 diffe

Antler Decor Ideas

Antler Decor Ideas I love nature and have been incorporating deer decor into our new mountain home. We've learned firsthand at our annual excursion to the Summit County Parade of Homes (lavish 20-million dollar mansions in Colorado that are only used for a ski weekend once or twice a year) and other luxury home events how these rustic accents can be just the right touch to make everything so cozy. Modern takes on traditional deer and antler decor keep your look from going full-on log cabin. With naturally shed antlers, pencil sketches, deer crafted of elegant silver, and more, there are many cruelty-free ways to incorporate your love of deer and nature into your contemporary home decor. Confession: I think  antler home decor  is a creepy idea, at least when you're taking about hanging the head of a dead animal on your wall as a form of interior design. There, I said it. Maybe you shot it humanely and it fed your family and the deer were overpopulated in the area anyway

Decorating on a Budget

I was going to call this post Photos from Our Previous House , but Decorating on a Budget seemed a bit fancier. Besides, being our very first home, you can bet that every little design decision was done on a budget! Here are the triumphs that helped us sell in a 4-way bidding war, despite living in a cookie-cutter neighborhood where houses lingered for months. Decorating on a Budget The light hanging over the stairs was a $5 ReStore find, which we (Sexy Nerd) sprayed with oil-rubbed bronze paint. Over the years, we used this same spray paint on everything, including our old builder-boring faucets, with surprisingly good results. Not a bad view for a starter home. I'd planned to keep the text in this post to a minimum, but can't resist sharing a quick, funny story about this bathroom photo. I went to the m