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Lowe's Cashier Quote of the Day

Sexy Nerd, who is quite the handyman extraordinaire, purchased a tube of Liquid Nails for one of his many projects. (He's currently building a folding boat, of all things!) The hefty woman scanning his purchase eyed him with suspicion, then said gruffly: "You'd bettah not be huffin' them nails."   High as a kite? (Hmmm...perhaps that's why he didn't notice that his shirt was covered in Pica hair.) Just imagine if he'd tried to buy spraypaint. More Quotes of the Day:  Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day - King of the Grill Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day - What's the Word? Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day - He's a Bully before his Morning Coffee Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day...Err, Night Sexy Nerd Quote of the Day - Big Pimpin' Lamb Quote of the Day - Another Year Wiser (I can admit it!) Boss Quote of the Day - Waiting to Exhale

Boss Quote of the Day I dare risk the job I love to poke fun at my boss? Yes. It's just that funny. Here she is throwing my painstakingly organized charts to the ground, while grinning like a Cheshire cat. I put them away shortly after taking this photo. She has since pulled them all out again, several times. Anyhoo... My boss was trying to tell us about a movie sequel that is coming out, but couldn't remember the name of the movie. She said "They made the 1st one a few years ago. 4 or 5 years, I think it was. It's based on a book." Knowing her, my first guess was correct. Waiting to Exhale. The only thing I remember about this movie was that I snuck out of bed to secretly watch it after my parents rented it. 5 years. 15. Whatever. My boss continued. "It was written by a black author. Oh, what is her name? I saw her on Oprah. Uhh... Toni Braxton ! That's who wrote Waiting to Exhale. And now Toni Braxton is working on a sequel." I laughed so

Kitty's Quote of the Day - Happy Birthday to Me

This is a repost because I'm crazy busy getting our new house set up to host Thanksgiving for a million people. We're so busy, we even have 2 brand-new Amerisleep mattresses sitting in their boxes while we sleep on the floor! We don't have anywhere to sit, even for only the 2 of us, and that's apparently not going to change anytime soon, as SN insists he's going to build all of the furniture himself, sofas and all. Yes, he is insane. There is a checklist of "must do" items before everyone comes over next week and I'm told none of them are going to happen. A place to sit? There's simply no time for that. Setting up a big sink and a pegboard wall in the garage? Top priority...though admittedly one that does not affect our soon-to-arrive guests in any way. Gee, the ramblings above could have become their very own blog post. ***** We've all had harmless fun teasing the ridiculous things Sexy Nerd says on this blog. (Extra emphasis on harmle

Woman's Day Magazine (No Longer Irks Me!)

Woman's Day Magazine Did you know this is a religious publication? You may recall my rant a while back ( Woman's Day Magazine Irks Me ).  For the record, I'm not some crazy devil-worshiper who gets offended easily and tries to censor every little thing. I just don't feel that it's appropriate for a non-religious magazine that intends to appeal to all women to have a bible verse as a feature in every issue. An inspirational quote? Sure! An article where a woman talks about her faith? No problem! But an actual bible verse that says to praise God? seems a bit out of place amidst the recipes and life tips.  You want to know how to tick off a lot of women really fast? Mention your beef with Woman's Day Magazine on the Woman's Day Message board! Here is a sample of the feedback I received: " There is so much absolute filth out there. It's even in cartoons and shows, intended for kids." (True, but that really doesn't justify k

Come With Me to Santa Fe! Food, Luxury Homes, and Art

SN and I recently had the pleasure of attending the ARTsmart Art of Home tour in Santa Fe . Sponsored by Keller Williams Realty, it's an annual, free event that combines art from local galleries with luxury homes for sale. This year, the event fell on the same weekend as Santa Fe Restaurant Week, pairing two of my greatest loves, houses and food. How could we possibly resist? If you're considering visiting New Mexico, be sure to add the ARTsmart Art of Home tour and Santa Fe Restaurant Week to your travel itinerary, if at all possible. We always drive up from Albuquerque for the Santa Fe Parade of Homes every summer, even though we think it's overpriced...but maybe not anymore because this was so much better. At one of the homes, we were thanked because attending this event supports local school children...but probably only if you buy some artwork, right? And...we didn't.  You know what will help set things right though? An awesome blog post to spread the word for

Feng Shui for Sleep

As a chronic insomniac, I've tried just about everything to improve my sleep. You know those weird acupressure pillows that promise to help you catch more Z's in a relaxing, zen stabbing you in the head and neck with sharp plastic? Yeah, I have one of those. When you suffer from idiopathic insomnia , you're willing to give anything a chance. Still, Feng Shui for sleep? It sounded a bit far fetched. When I heard that feng shui has been recommended as an insomnia treatment, I'll admit I was skeptical. In fact, my first thought was of a quote from The Simpsons. I should totally add this to my Simpsons Quiz , by the way. Feng Shui for Sleep The technical definition of feng shui is:  " A  system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), with favorable or unfavorable effects taken into account when siting buildings." Reading that is already putting me to sleep. It sounds k

Stinky Nerd Quote of the Day

Remember that greenhouse Sexy Nerd and I built together? Yeah, I'm taking credit for it. Supervising is hard work! I also provided snacks, Subway sandwiches, and icy sodas, which anyone doing hard manual labor will tell you is a much-appreciated job. I tried to provide icy beer too, but Sexy Nerd said drinking and heavy lifting never go together. He's so moral, that crazy guy of mine. Luckily for the icy beer, I was not doing any heavy lifting. Sexy Nerd worked all day long, tirelessly moving each 80 pound bag of concrete from the bottom of our lot up the steep, uneven ground until all 6,800 pounds were accounted for. When the 85th bag finally reached the top, I ran up to him in celebration. He was sunburned and sweaty; his hair ashen with cement dust. He'd done it! I threw my arms around him. Phew! Sexy Nerd reeked. I knew he'd worked hard, but this was too much. Recoiling, I vowed we would not ride home in the same car. Which leads me to the Sexy Stinky Ne