Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

Does This Mean We're Divorced?

*For part 2 of this repost, please click here . This morning, I awoke to the sound of something hitting the tile floor in the bathroom, followed by "OH NO!" When I went to investigate, I found Sexy Nerd with his arm underneath the vanity, attempting to retrieve whatever it was he had dropped. It was his tungsten carbide wedding band. Now, who here knows what happens when you drop your tungsten carbide ring on your porcelain tile floor at just the right angle? Oh no, indeed, Sexy Nerd! *Update* I just noticed that Google has put an ad for "Tungsten Forever" wedding bands at the bottom of my blog. Oops! If only they knew... *For part 2 of this repost, please Click Here . It will make you say 'AWWWW!' Unless your heart is as cold as tungsten carbide, I suppose.

Beer + Pizza = Heaven(ly Village)

It's time for the 2021 Fall Ale Fest, now named the Fall Ale Fest and Wing Cook-Off in the Heavenly Village Lake Tahoe.  Event Details: 9/18/21 from 1 pm - 5 pm; admission is $30 per person Lake Tahoe Heavenly Village: 2021 Fall Ale Fest and Wing Cook-Off  The inaugural Fall Ale Fest was a rave success.  Heavenly Village  offered something for everyone, including shops and activities for that important time between sampling and driving home.  2019 Review Be sure to check out Part One of this post, Have You Ever Attended a 'Vertical' Progressive Meal? I want to start with a quick story. My husband and I attended a wine festival in the morning and a beer festival in the afternoon. The next day, we were walking down the hallway at our hotel and both spotted something on the floor up ahead. It was a pair of shorts. "Those are your shorts," he said. Yes, they were. I quickly gathered my discarded shorts from the communal space and returned them to our room. I may hav

Funny Hot Tub Comic

I think we might be overdue for another installment of my comic strip , LambAround. The last one was published more than eight years ago! So much for turning it into a weekly series. This site isn't even called LambAround anymore. Perhaps this is the KittyAround comic?  Let's call this one hot tub cartoon . An alternate name could be The One Where You See Kitty Deschanel and Sexy Nerd Naked. It's not like it's a new thing for my blog, after those risqué photos I sent SN all those years ago. In my defense, these take forever to make when you have no artistic talent. Hot Tub Cartoon That made you smile. Admit it. Here's a version of my hot tub cartoon that's perfect for sharing online. (Hint, hint.)

Biscuit the Grouch

"You whippersnappers turn off that racket. In my day, pups respected their elders. Back then, we didn't have a bed in a sunbeam. We didn't even have a sunbeam. We had to make do with the reflection of the sun off the moon for warmth and you didn't hear us complaining." Dogs are known to greet their owner with excitement and a wagging tail. Biscuit is here to tell you that is foolish nonsense. When Kitty Deschanel returns home from work, Biscuit does not bother to get out of bed, where she has lounged the entire day. Pit bulls, Olive and Bernadette, stay clear of the alpha of their pack, lest they be attacked by 4 pounds of chihuahua/yorkie (probably mixed with some sort of rodent) fury. Her 5 remaining teeth will get you. You may see Kitty Deschanel carrying Biscuit down the street, her having refused to budge after insisting on taking a walk. Dinnertime requires patience. Biscuit demands to guard her bowl, letting out her version of a bark - a ferocious "ME

Want to Hear an Embarrassing Story?

Gather 'round, my bloggy friends, and I shall tell you a funny tale of social anxiety, a new job, and pickles. I have a bad habit of licking my lips when nervous. If you follow me on Facebook  and my other social media accounts, you know that I recently left my pediatric dentistry job of 16 years in order to work closer to home. (You also know many more of my embarrassing stories.) Starting in a new workplace for the first time in my adult life (seriously, I was only 20 when hired at my previous office), I've been understandably nervous. So, I've been licking my lips excessively. Thanks to COVID-19 and a mandatory mask, no one is the wiser. Actually, I'm sure everyone knows. In the brief maskless moments when I'm sipping water or eating lunch, you can see that my lips are chapped as heck. Stop licking them! Oh, if only I could. I don't even know I'm doing it. Which brings me to my embarrassing story. After work yesterday, SN and I were chatting in our kitche

The Best Food in Savannah

We're fully vaccinated and making up for missed travel, ESPECIALLY the missed meals. How is pimento cheese not a thing in New Mexico ? We can add green chile to it! Sexy Nerd and I were fortunate to spend a day in Savannah recently. With such a limited amount of time for our first visit to the city, I made sure to research the best restaurants and local foods to eat. From brunch through dessert, I've done my homework (and my taste testing - being a travel and food blogger is such a rough job) so you don't have to risk a disappointing meal in Savannah. There's something here for every budget, including free samples of local favorites. No car = no problem, as you can walk to everywhere on this list from the North Historic District (near the Savannah River), which is also home to all of the must-see tourist stops in Savannah, including Forsyth Park, The Basilica of St. John the Baptist, and SCADstory. Fair warning though - I'm going to make Savannah foodies angry with