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Not Just For Clothes! How To Organize A Closet For Your Life

I'll start out by admitting that I don't exactly have a tiny closet, especially now that our bedroom/bathroom renovation is nearing the end. However, I certainly don't have a ginormous closet either (it's downright tiny after I stuff all my clothes and junk in there!) and many of these tips can be applied to a small, non-walk-in closet.

I don’t go into my office every day. But what does that mean for the to-do pile on my desk and the appointments on my calendar? Well, unless I convert to a nudist lifestyle, (probably not going to happen any time in the near future) my typical day is going to include a few trips to my closet.

I don't know why I never thought to put my calendar inside my closet before! I see it before leaving the house each day, which is especially helpful if you like to check things out from the library like I do. And with my laptop on my vanity, if a due date is coming up for a book I'm still enjoying, I can renew online right when I think of it. It's so nice having everything taken care of before I even leave my closet in the morning!

Another handy tip? A mirror inside the closet, especially if you share your bathroom with someone.

Just close the closet door and you won't have to worry about anyone (ahem, Sexy Nerd...) sneaking up behind you while you're tweezing your eyebrows or examining your pores in your magnified mirror.

Geez, that isn’t the most glamorous photo, is it? I’m waiting to snazz up this area until after Sexy Nerd hangs the mirror we bought for over the vanity. You know, the one we bought last month? Hanging the mirror would have been an acceptable Valentines Day present.But I suppose that then I would have missed out on a great blog post.

An over-the-door shoe hanger, which was $10 at Lowes, is great for more than just shoes. I keep all my cosmetics, lotions, hair accessories, and other girly things in it. Whenever we travel, I simply slip it off the door and into my suitcase, so I know I have everything I need!

Hangers on all sides, as well as up and down, maximize space. Lots of light comes in handy on those days when you have no idea what to wear, though I would strongly advise against puting in the same antique Schonbek chandelier. I won it on eBay and had it shipped from Europe. What never crossed my mind? It requires a bayonet lightbulb, which is impossible to find! Hence, my wired in, but not illuminated, chandelier.

LambAround's Organizational Tips For Closets
  • Include racks for clothes wherever you can, including one rack over another, with shelves
  • A vanity or desk next to a dresser provides valuable counter space
  • Section your clothes. Long sleeves together, work pants together, etc.
  • A clock radio will ensure you start your day with music but don't run behind schedule
  • Include a wall calendar with a pen
  • Don't overlook the space on the back of the door
  • A walk-in closet is a perfect place for a magnified mirror and privacy

    The Living/Dining Room Switch Around

    The first time we ever saw our house, the previous owners had the downstairs laid out so that you walked into the dining room, then went to the living room, which was across from the kitchen. At least, if you used your imagination, that's how it was laid out (the previous owners were a little odd).

    When we purchased the house, we decided to flip the layout, so that the dining room was across from the kitchen and you entered into the living room. It seemed to make so much more sense! However, as our bathroom renovation is coming to an end (after over a year!), I'm beginning to wonder if the original layout might work better, albeit with a few changes. This idea all started when Sexy Nerd began fancying up our dining room (a bathroom renovation and a dining room renovation at the exact same time, you ask? Sure, why not!) We've been trying to create a classy, formal dining room feel. However, since you can see into the living room and the kitchen while at the table, it never feels very formal to me.

    The Current Layout (click for larger)

    Proposed Layout (click for larger)

    Okay, maybe those aren't exactly the most helpful drawings! Basically, the changes that would me made, other than moving around furniture and light fixtures, would be to build two walls in the upper left corner of what is currently the living room, essentially creating a little, formal living room, perfect for 2, 3, or 4 people (5 would probably be 1 too many!) to sit and talk, with snacks and tea. When you walked in the front door, there would be a large window on your left, providing a peek into this cute new room.

    The space that is currently the living room would become a formal dining room. The new formal living room would be at the back of the dining room with french doors and possibly more windows. The living room would move to what is our current dining room. Benefits of the new living room location include being able to watch TV from the kitchen and lots of other things (benefits that I haven't exactly thought of words for yet. They exist, though!) Inside the little, new living room, there could be curtains, so that you could block all the windows if you wanted more privacy. This room would also make a neat office.

    Ignore the fact that I almost never have company over and I've certainly never had anyone over for "snacks and tea". Maybe I would if I had an adorable formal living room to do it in. Ooh, I could call it "The Tea Room"! 

    Woman's Day Magazine Irks Me

    I have been a bit peeved with Woman's Day ever since I subscribed a few months ago. The magazine is marketed as being "written and edited for every woman to live well every day." Scanning through the pages, you'll find a variety of recipes, organizational tips, and inspirational stories. There is only one thing that I don't like about Woman's Day magazine. Scratch that. There's one thing that I can't stand. It's at the beginning of every issue, casually placed in its own little 1/8 of the page. I had been looking forward to the April issue because there was a new editor, Elizabeth Mayhew. Surely, I thought, she'll do away with this one, stupid out of place item. What am I talking about? Here's this month's thing that ticks me off:

    "Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth." 
    Psalm 96.1

    Are you kidding me, Woman's Day? I've asked around and I'm not the only one who was under the impression that it's not a religious magazine. If they want to be religious, they should just go all out and do it, rather than pretending to cater to all women while slyly sneaking in their beliefs. I'm all for starting the magazine with an inspirational quote. There are plenty of wonderful, neutral ones to choose from. Mentioning religion in the context of an article would also be fine. Honestly, as long as they continued to provide the same household tips and recipes, I would continue to subscribe. I do, however, feel like that bible verse is somewhere it doesn't belong.

    On a lighter note, one of the tips from the April issue cracked me up. What can you do with a lemon? According to page 12, you can cut a lemon in half, rub it on your armpits, and go out deodorant-free.

    Um, thanks, but I'll stick with my Secret Platinum and save my lemons for my tea!

    Valentines Day: Darn You, Sexy Nerd

    Did Sexy Nerd sweep me off my feet for our 2nd Valentines Day as a married couple? Well, not exactly. Not at all, in fact. I had told him beforehand that he didn't need to buy me anything - just being nice to me would be a perfect day. Specifically, I wanted him to give me a massage (which he never, ever does!)

    Sexy Nerd remembered that he didn't need to give me a gift, but he forgot the part about being nice. The day started with him getting out of bed before I woke up. When I came downstairs, he was on the couch, watching racing (he is always watching racing! As I write this, he's watching drag racing! Earlier, he was watching Nascar!) I told him that I was going to go get his gift. I assumed that he would also be getting my gift while I was away. Nope. Here is a word of advice, guys. When your wife or girlfriend says that you don't have to get her anything, don't not get her anything! At least a card would have been nice. Or chocolate! FYI, Sexy Nerd, I loooooove chocolate!

    Next, I made myself a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Sexy Nerd must have sensed that I was unhappy with him (maybe it was the occasional "sigh" sound coming from the other room) because he pulled himself away from watching racing to see what I was up to. He told me he was going to make breakfast, but since I was already eating, he went back to watching TV. He was going to make breakfast?? He had been up for over an hour!

    The day progressed with more TV and more ignoring each other (a typical day for us), with the exception of me making Sexy Nerd a fancy lunch and 2 kinds of his favorite cookies. We also went to see a performance at Popejoy Hall (this was part of the ticket package I bought Sexy Nerd for our 2 year anniversary). That night, it seemed for a moment that Sexy Nerd was going to redeem himself. He made dinner! Well, technically he just heated dinner up (canned cream of chicken soup), but based on how little he'd done for Valentines Day (nothing), him making soup was impressive.

    Sexy Nerd lost all his dinner-making points when he asked me if I wanted any of the soup!

    Going to bed, I asked Sexy Nerd if he'd had a good Valentines Day. Yes, he said. He had loved his gift and his fancy lunch and his homemade cookies (2 different kinds!). Sick of his selfish, lazy ways, I told him it was the worst Valentines Day ever and went to sleep in the other room. In typical "Sexy" Nerd fashion, he went to sleep instead of following me.

    At some point during the night, or perhaps when he was at work the next day, it occured to Sexy Nerd that he was in quite a bit of trouble. So, I came home from work to this:

    Alton Brown's Enchilada Lasagna - it tastes a lot better than it looks!

    Damn. How can I stay mad at that?

    Still, I had better get some chocolate next year!

    Denny's French Toast Copycat Recipe

    This scrumptious recipe can be found here.

    To be honest, I'm not sure that I've ever actually been to Denny's. I'm more of an I-Hop kinda gal. When I find an "I-Hop-Style French Toast" recipe, I'll be sure to post it here. For now, this is some tasty french toast!

    I started by mixing everything together. "Why use a Tupperware container instead of a mixing bowl", you ask? You'll see soon enough!


    Next, I needed some bread. "Will this recipe work without Texas toast", you ask? Technically, yes, it will. However, it would almost definitely be better if you use Texas toast, or at least some kind of a white bread. If you're on a health kick, use whole wheat. Although, if you were really dedicated to a healthy diet, would you be making french toast?

    Good bread, by the way. I get mine at the dollar store! 
    From what I can tell, the only difference between the dollar store version and the $4 version is that these loaves are a little smushed. Eh, no biggie!

    Put your bread inside the Tupperware.

    We don't feed our dogs table scraps. Clearly!

    Ta da! Now, wasn't that so much easier/cleaner than adding the bread to a mixing bowl?

    Grill the bread in a little bit of melted butter.
    The little pieces on the sides are bits of crust that fell off. I may have soaked my bread slices a little too long.

    Whether the scraps on the sides look good or not, they tasted great!


    This recipe has earned the Kitchen Pig seal of approval!

    Dogs Named Biscuit Are Naturally Cute

    Marie says there are no photos of Biscuit on my blog. That's unacceptable!

    Lurking in the shadows, it's ninja Biscuit!

    "I bwushed my teeth gud".

    Separated at birth?

    You learn to put up with a lot when you share a home with Pica.
    Look at all that Pica hair!!!


    Who doesn't love Punk Rock/Stoner Biscuit?

     Biscuit is not amused by all these dopey photos.

    The Premier Of The LambAround Comic Strip

    I hope to have a new comic strip posted every Monday. Let me know what you think of it!

    This strip is based on an actual conversation with the girls at work. Scary, huh?




    For the full comic strip, which wouldn't fit properly here, click here.

    10 Random Things, Just For The Heck Of It

    1. Sexy Nerd and I went to see I love you, you're perfect, now change at Popejoy last weekend. Our review? It was good.

    2. Sexy Nerd and I went to see Bravo Broadway! yesterday afternoon, which was presented by the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra. Our Bravo Broadway! review? It was outstanding! (and, at $10 a seat, a heck of a deal)

    3. Sexy Nerd is looking over my shoulder as I write this, which is quite distracting. I told him that the average NMSO musician makes $16,000 a year. He says "Damn. I should've kept playing my trombone". I never knew he used to play the trombone!

    4. We had Papa Johns pizza for dinner last night. One large with all pepperoni and one large with half ham and half banana peppers. The store was much more clean than any Pizza Hut or Little Caesars I've ever been to.

    5. Biscuit has become "too lovey", according to Sexy Nerd.

    6. I have been going back and adding photos to old posts. For example: Seychelles

    7. Pica was just busted sneaking over to my Fairytale Brownies. No, Pica! Those are my Fairytale Brownies!!!

    8. I titled this as a list of 10 items, but I really don't have anything else to say. might snow tonight! As much as I hate the cold weather, I don't want it to warm up too early. Last winter, the weather got so nice that our cherry trees started producing cherries, which all froze during the next snowstorm. I want some cherries this year!

    9. Did you know that almonds are a quick, perfect snack that will keep you full and provide a healthy dose of Vitamin E? Now you know.

    10. I have never seen Little Shop of Horrors. After seeing Bravo Broadway!, I reserved the DVD from our local library. I was hoping they would have it on CD so that I can listen to it in my car, but oh well. Instead, I reserved a David Sedaris CD. It's terrific that the library has such a vast selection, but after watching the last DVD we checked out, Bruno, we couldn't help thinking that there may be a better use for our tax dollars. Bruno has absolutely no place at the public library! Avoid Bruno at all costs!!! Incidently, Sexy Nerd and I both loved Borat.

    11. (bonus!) Sexy Nerd says that he did not love Borat, but that it had its moments. Who didn't root for Borat to get his Pamela?

    Fighting With Sexy Nerd Cracks Me Up

    Here is something I wrote waaay back before Sexy Nerd & I got married:

    Nerdy just told me that his mom asked why our house is decorated my way and not his. Well gee, I'd love to use his dining room table instead of mine but, guess what, he doesn't own one! I'd love to use his plates and glasses and bedding and towels, etc, etc, if he had some! He always complains that my couch is uncomfortable, but does he ever offer to buy a new one? Nope! And does he even own a bed? Nope! (although I've been told that he has an air mattress stored away somewhere...) Besides, he says he likes the way that I decorate. If you saw the way "his" office and "his" garage look, you would understand why he has little influence over the rest of the house. Lol, he's standing here reading this right now and he says that his office and garage match because the theme is "ugly" and he likes it. Crazy nerd! ;)
    Eep! Nerdy is attacking me! (yay!!!) Oh no! I'd better end this!!!
    For the record, I am not mad. I just think it's funny that someone would complain about a person who doesn't own anything decorative not adding to the decorations.
    Oh, wait, Nerdy says to mention that he does own a decoration. It's a calendar magnet that he got for free. It's on the fridge though, so BAH!
    Oh no, there's more to add. Here is Nerdy's personal list of belongings, straight from his mouth, which are adding to the decorative atmosphere of his rooms:
    1. temperature thing
    2. free plant from the church in a paper cup
    3. Camelback bladder (his words, not mine!) (it's hanging on MY lamp.) (that's right, even the furniture in his office and garage are provided by me)
    4. an orange sparkle
    5. a bobblehead doggie
    6. a tiny plastic Isotopes hat that came free as an ice cream sundae bowl at the game we attended on Sunday
    7. a beer glass
    8. a plastic snorkel

    Zoo Zoo Review

    Yesterday, Sexy Nerd and I went to see Imago Theatre's Zoo Zoo. It was advertised as being fun "for the whole family". What did we think of it?

    This is the only performance I have ever attended where no one in the theater gave a standing ovation. The 90 minute show really should have been condensed to half an hour. It would be easy - just cut out all the parts with absolutely nothing happening. Our favorite part of this show was the little kid sitting behind us who would periodically yell "DO SOMETHING!" My thoughts exactly, kid.

    Fairytale Brownies

    For Valentine's Day, my boss gave each employee an assorted box of Fairytale Brownies. Isn't she awesome?

    Keeping in line with my typical, chocoholic nature, I decided to keep all of the ooey, gooey brownies to myself. Perhaps I could stash them somewhere, like underneath the driver's seat in my Alero.

    I certainly wasn't going to be sharing them with any Kitchen Pigs.

    Have you seen the "Lamb Cooks" section lately? If Kitchen Pig wants brownies, Kitchen Pig needs to make brownies!

    Sexy Nerd was never going to know about these brownies either. It wasn't a totally selfish thought. After all, he would be much healthier not eating any.

    I gave myself a pat on the back for being so good about keeping my Sexy Nerd healthy.

    But then, I started thinking about all the handy little things Sexy Nerd has done for me, like creating a clever place to store my stand mixer attachments.


    And building (and painting in the near future, hopefully) these snazzy spice racks to free up cabinet space for all my cooking junk.

    And making room for all my mismatched plates with this nifty shelf.

    I thought about how good Sexy Nerd is about keeping his insane Nascar obsession contained (mostly) to his (ridiculously messy) office.


    And about how he was so smart to build a brewing chamber (!?) for his homemade beer, instead of taking over the upstairs guest bathroom, as originally planned.

    I thought about how hard Sexy Nerd is going to work this weekend when he installs our new flooring in the master bedroom sitting area.

    And about how much he cracks me up by insisting that this fern is thriving.
    (A fern that is mostly dead is not thriving, Sexy Nerd, and I eagerly await the day when we can plant something else in that gigantic pot!)

    He was so nice to paint this door with chalkboard paint for all our zany holiday messages.

    Oh, okay. I will save the peanut butter brownie for my Sexy Nerd.

    Sexy Nerd Made Cookies!

    Here they are in the cookie dough stage:

    Oh wait, that is a photo of them fully baked. Hmmmm.
    *Yes, it is fun harassing Sexy Nerd! Besides, considering that he made about 2 dozen of these and right now, less than 24 hours later, they are ALL GONE, I'm sure he knows I'm just teasing him.
    The recipe may or may not be coming soon. I asked how he made them and he said "I dunno". So I asked if he used a recipe or just made something up. "I dunno," he said again.
    Whoops! Must be the sugar talking. o-:)
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