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Good morning, everyone! I'm actually scheduling this post on Friday, as I head out the door (literally - I'm a major procrastinator) on my way to CAMP BLOGAWAY (woo hoo hoo!!) No time for any Best in Show nominees this week, but I have something big planned, so no worries. Instead, let's recap the top 3 posts from this week:

#2 Post: Baby Madness?

All 3 posts are baby-related! Geez, let's hope Camp Blogaway can cure me of my baby fever. Maybe we just need to get a puppy. Sweet, puppy Nuke (a Jack Russell, obviously)(if you've owned one, you know exactly what I mean!)

Now, let's get to blog hopping.

THE RULES (so serious!)
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Easy peasy!

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Now, get out there and mingle!

More Fun with Nuke

Remember Nuke the baby? (Click here if you missed it)(Ooh, and click if you didn't read the comments! There are some hilarious ones!)

Sadly, Sexy Nerd's nuclear weapon obsession doesn't end with our imaginary baby. What is it with guys and weapons? He came home from work the other day completely psyched up about the cool models he'd purchased. Carefully, he peeled back a layer of bubble wrap and displayed, quite proudly, what looked like a paper towel roll that someone had attached bits of paper to and spray painted silver (okay, maybe not quite like that, but pretty darn close!)

"It's an actual model of a nuclear bomb," he exclaimed!

Then, he unwrapped the other. He had actually purchased 2 of these bizarre stainless steel paperweights. Apparently, they were both different designs. They looked almost identical, at least close enough to make do with only 1 model, but Sexy Nerd says there are "big differences".

"Don't get mad," he said (don't you just love when sentences start like that?) "This one was $45."

To which I, of course, replied "YOU PAID $45 FOR A STUPID METAL ROCKET?!"

"It's not a rocket, it's a bomb! This other one was $70."

Has your jaw hit the floor over there yet? Slightly less-Sexy Nerd then explained that everyone in his department at work had bought them, that he had big plans to build an elaborate display case for them, and that there are other models to collect. He said, "The guy we bought them from had lots of other designs in the back of his car."
 He looks so normal, right?

Oh my. Sexy Nerd, I love you, but my goodness. And, no, Nuke is no name for a person. What if he grew up to be a hippie? None of the other hippies would ever take him seriously.

Unique Baby Name

By the end of this post, you'll surely be on the '3 year plan' bandwagon with me.

When you have baby madness, and no intention of actually having a baby anytime soon, names are a fun thing to think about. Sexy Nerd confessed to me yesterday that there's a name he thinks would be really cool if we had a son one day. He's thought about it and the longer he thinks about it, the more he likes it.

"Not as a first name, of course," he said "but as a middle name, wouldn't Nuclear be great? He'd probably use it as a first name. We could call him Nuke for short. Cute baby Nuke."

He was 100% serious.
As long as Sexy Nerd is using 'nuke' and 'baby' in the same sentence, we need more time.

Irked at My Computer

My laptop is on life support. I've been getting a wacky message every time I turn it on (which is often, as it looooves to be restarted) saying that 'As an APP cannot run' (what the heck is that?!) and about once a minute my virus software pops up with a little announcement that it has blocked an intrusion attempt. Several system scans later, which all found no problems, I decided to dig out the CDs that came with my laptop 5 years ago. I'm back to the factory settings now, sans internet, and am writing this blog post from my computer at work. It's my lunch break. Really!

And, of course, Sexy Nerd won't let me use his laptop since I broke mine.

 Enjoy my Peeps the other day? Maybe this little punk took down my computer from the inside.

Baby Madness?

Sexy Nerd and I drove up to Colorado recently to visit his family. While there, we looked forward to/dreaded meeting our brand-new niece, Aria.


Sexy Nerd and I have decided that our best strategy is to be on the "2 year plan" for having a baby. Technically, there are only 20 months left on our time line, but calling it anything shorter than 2 years freaks me out! There are just so many things to learn and prepare for before having a baby. I've already memorized Dr. Karp's 5 Techniques for calming babies and am currently reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (surprisingly, this book also offers insight into my own lifetime of poor sleep.) Really, it doesn't do you any good to read some life changing piece of advice for 5 month olds when your baby is 6 months, right? By then, you've already screwed them up, leaving them destined for a life of drugs, crime, and never moving out of the house!

Sexy Nerd and I agree that the 2 year plan is definitely the way to go. Key word *agree*. Somehow, after reviewing my photos from the weekend, I'm less convinced that we're on the same page.

Could Sexy Nerd look any freaking happier?!

As for yours truly, I decided to ham it up as soon as the camera was on.

Babies are SCARY!

 She's trying to win me over with her extreme cuteness, but I..Must...Resist

Problem? My completely serious, ham-free photos are even worse!

You can totally see the concern in her little eyes.

I don't remember making this face!!

Anyone else agree that a 3 year plan might be a better way to go?

Now that I have a post about babies, BlogHer is running more baby-focused ads on my blog. I'm doomed!

Easter Cuteness and a BLOG HOP

Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop below. Other content reposted from last Easter because, frankly, it's just that cute and evil.

I'll start this post with a confession: back when I was an evil little girl, (muah ha ha)(my evil laugh) I would get up early on Easter, get into the Easter baskets, break my little brother's chocolate Easter bunny for basically no reason whatsoever, move a few pieces of his candy into my basket, put the baskets back like nothing happened, and go back to bed.

That's right, Michael! You read that right! Muah ha ha!

Now for some Easter cuteness. Click here to find out how to make these adorable sheep!

Next up, a little Easter identity theft!

Happy Easter!

Now, let's link up! Please visit at least two (TWO!) of your fellow posters and let them know you found them through LambAround.

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BLOG HOP and Best in Show Award Winner

It's time for another Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop! But first, aren't you dying to learn who won the Best in Show award this week? Congratulations to....



(getting impatient?)


Melissa at That Girl!

LambAround readers have voted and they just can't get enough of your super-cute homemade dog cookies. I hope everyone will take a look at your blog. If not, they're going to miss out on posts like this:

and this


Okay, technically both those photos are from the same post, but that just proves how much awesomeness is crammed into the That Girl blog. Look at that drink! I had two (TWO!) glasses of wine last night, courtesy of Mr. Bad Influence Sexy Nerd, and my head is pounding.

Thanks for participating in my Not "Baaad" Sundays blog hop, Melissa. Here is your award:

Now, onto the blog hopping goodness for this weekend. Click here to join the party!

Shabby Apple Giveaway & How to Save a Screen Shot

With exactly 300 entries, this seemed like a decision best left to Appreciate it, because I started out with absolutely no idea how to save the image of the winning number, as proven by my very own screen shot search bar:
Click the Image to Enlarge

 I've saved images for my blog before, but have trouble every time. The clever thing to do would be to write down exactly how I saved it this time. Problem - I have no idea how I saved it! Capturing the image is simple enough, but where do I find the file after that? I've read that I should paste the screen shot into Paint but, another problem, I accidentally deleted Paint from my computer (then reinstalled the computer back to the factory settings, then somehow removed Paint again, along with all my card games!) Eventually, the above screen shot appeared on my desktop.

Now, wasn't I writing this post for something other than to ramble on about screen shots? Oh yeah! The winner is PBJheart!! Congratulations to the lucky gal (or maybe guy?) Your email address has been forwarded to the nice folks at Shabby Apple, who will contact you for details on size and shipping. 

And thank you to everyone who entered! Keep up the stellar entry results and comments, and there are bound to be more opportunities to win LambAround giveaways in the future.

One more thing! Somehow, while finishing up this post, I managed to open Outlook, which reminded me of my 31 week overdue obligation, titled "hi". On the plus side, the key to saving a screen shot seems to be (1) Press fn, alt, and prt sc at the same time (2) open any photo in Microsoft Office Picture Manager (3) 'paste' and close the program, which should leave the image on the desktop.

I'm pretty certain Sexy Nerd has been messing with my computer.

I was very careful not to press Snooze.

The World's Cutest Easter Recipe

"Peep! Peep!"
What You'll Need
(makes 10 super-cute Peeps nests)
  • 7oz melted chocolate chips (approximately 1 1/4 cups)
  • 5oz Fiber One bran cereal (or similar)(Chinese Noodles should work just fine as well)
  • 10 Peeps chicks
  • 20-30 Jelly Beans
Not a photo of worms in a bowl, I promise!

Combine the melted chocolate chips and the cereal. To melt the chocolate, I've found that microwaving it in a glass bowl on half power works well, stirring every 45 seconds. The 7oz were fully melted after about 3 minutes.

Such a healthy cereal, such an unhealthy use.

Then again, I might be looking at this all wrong. With all these nifty vitamins and minerals, surely these Peeps nests are good for me, right? No more multivitamins for this gal.

Behold, a healthy mound of chocolaty goodness.

An ice cream scoop makes these nests the perfect size, with very little mess, especially when dropped onto a silicone baking mat.

Next, add a Peep. Kinda press him down into the nest, but there's no need to go overboard. I was skeptical that my Peeps would stay in their nests. They did. The same goes for the jelly beans.

Are these the green eggs Dr. Seuss was talking about?

Be careful positioning your Peeps and jellybeans. Once you get melted chocolate on a Peep, there's no getting it off! 

Let your chicks chill out for a few hours.
And, yes, my fridge is just as bad as my pantry. Two loaves of bread, three containers of butter, and so, soo much nacho cheese.

 Ta da! Peeps picnic.

Surely, I didn't go so far as to stick one of these nests in our cherry tree.

No wonder none of my neighbors talk to me.

An extra special thanks to Carrots n Chocolate and Sun Scholars, who both helped inspire this post!

Feeling Saucy

Remember the other day, when I bought 40 boxes of pasta? I think we all knew this post was coming.

To be fair, that jar on the right is already half empty.

Aren't pantry (very important 'r' in there) photos fun? This is how I live.

Messily. And with several of each item.

Like a crazy person.

I hadn't tried this brand before stocking up. What a relief that it was delicious! The looks you get when checking out with 13 glass jars of pasta sauce (over 20 pounds for those of you doing the math but, really, it's best not to do the math) are nothing compared to the inevitable looks of horror and disgust when returning those same jars.
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