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Here for some puppy cuteness? Meet Olive and Bernadette.

We love our woolly bullies...even when they flooded our house!

BLOG HOP! Linky Time

It's time to throw your blogging hat into the ring and share a post or two of your own. Who else has a long weekend? I don't have to go into work again until Wednesday! And, after that, I'm off again until Monday. I see a lot of laziness in my near future. Ahhh, so happy.

Not "Baaad" Indeed

In just a few more hours, it will be time to link up your favorite blog posts with LambAround! But first, as promised on my SITS day , I have a spiffy bunch of Best in Show Award nominees. And, BTW, it killed me to choose just 10 posts out of the 122 that were linked. Cue the fancy *Duh Nuh Na Nuh* music!  The Sasse Life has adorable photos to demonstrate their adorable bibs. (Also, this cutie does nothing to help my Baby Madness !) Newlyweds & The Old House shared a beautiful kitchen transformation. Walnut Acre has a terrific post teaching how to make your own bean bag chairs, which are stuffed with plastic bags. The Llama Momma Blog cooked up some scrumptious Sweet Potato & Peanut Soup. I haven't tried it yet, but I was won over by this colorful drawing that accompanied the recipe. All About (my) Boys taught me all about lembas, which I had never heard of before. It turns out that they are the perfect treat for your next Amtgard gathring! Who knew? CraftWhack had s

Braces: The Horror of Rubber Bands

Ow. My first braces adjustment was bound to be bad, especially when you factor in that my teeth were still sore from my initial appointment. To really make things fun though, my orthodontist had a new rule for me. I need to squeeze my teeth together as tightly as possible for as much of the day as I can. He has assured me that my teeth will not simply explode from the pressure, but I'm unconvinced. He's still beating that dead horse that is jaw surgery. Dr. Google seems to side with my orthodontist on this, as my supposedly super-rare open bite can usually only be corrected surgically. But I didn't have an open bite before I got braces! Oh, and it would really be beneficial if I stopped drinking coffee and green tea. I came home from my appointment with a C on my oral hygiene report. I managed to make the Dean's List at UNM, but apparently cannot handle proper brushing. The assistant who rewired my braces said that my cheek was too taught and that I needed to lo

Blog Hop! Link Up with LambAround

Good *yaaawn* morning, everyone! How is your weekend going? It's 100% lazy over here, just the way I like. And an extra hello to my sorta new SIL, Joanna, who just moved here from Poland late last night. Sorta new because I haven't seen her since before last years' wedding, and even then I think we only met twice. I doubt that she reads my blog, but a hello seems in order, just in case. Okie doke. Back to bed!

Costa Concordia or Beyonce

*This post is a continuation of yesterday's post, Costa Concordia: Our Experience The number of missing people has doubled since the first reports of the Costa Concordia accident. Does this mean that Costa originally reported these people as alive and safe to their families in error? How can you take something like that back? Can someone please explain to me how Yahoo's "Trending Now" list works? I have always thought that it was showing the most searched for keywords, but today the list starts with Beyonce and includes things like "Dwarf tossing" and "Napoleon Dynamite". The Costa Concordia isn't on the list. How can this be? I just read about a survivor whose husband gave her their only life jacket. He jumped into the freezing water right before her. She never saw him again. It's all just too terrible for words.

Costa Concordia: Our Experience

The Costa Concordia sinking is just too terrible for words. There are still people trapped on the ship, including a 5 year old girl, and the search is too dangerous to continue. There are reports that this accident occurred because the captain was showing off. I cannot imagine having to jump off of a cruise ship into the water, even to save my life. When I saw the photos of the Costa Concordia on its side, I just stared and cried. It's no secret that Sexy Nerd and I love to cruise . Of the 4 cruises we have taken, twice on Norwegian, once on Holland America and Costa, the Costa ship was undoubtedly the most beautiful. The Costa Concordia, built at a cost of almost half a billion dollars, was just over 5 years old. It's difficult to imagine all of that - the amazing glass chandeliers, the artwork, the theaters - all sinking to the bottom of the sea.     Based on our Costa cruise experience, I was not at all surprised to read about the chaos onboard. We cruised on

Funny Dog Video: Pica HATES the train!

Update: Pica's memorial post Pica hates the train. She really, truly does. Pica hates the train so much. Me? I just hate the blue carpet.

Welcome SITS Gals!

*Hee, hee, hee* Sorry. In the face of social pressure, I become a nervous mess. And who can blame me? All you fabulous SITS ladies peeking and prying into every corner of my little blog. I tidied up for you, but there's always more to be done. I wonder if there's something like Merry Maids for blogs. Okay, deep breath. Are you buying my calm and collected act? Sexy Nerd told me to tackle my SITS day the same as when someone comes to visit our home, which is to kick back and leave everything as is, insisting that no one cares or is going to judge us in any way just because of some unvacuumed carpet or smudges on the light switches. He gets in trouble before every guest and insists he has no idea why, all while eating in front of the TV and spilling crumbs on the couch! But perhaps Sexy Nerd is right this time. Feel encouraged to snoop through old blog posts and stir up a little (I hope just a little) dust. And share a post (or 2! or 3!) of your own below, in a weekly LambAr

Chinese Takeout Hack - Making Your $4.75 Go Further

This is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest meal to feed a crowd EVER. Step One : Buy a HoHos Happy Combo, which is a ginormous box of lo mein, fried rice, and 3 entrees for about five bucks. Of course, if you don't live in Albuquerque, you can always substitute food from your favorite local Chinese restaurant. On a quick side note, when did "ginormous" become an actual, spellchecker-approved word? Step Two : Steam or boil whatever tasty vegetables you have lying around. I love to use carrots, cabbage, celery, and bean sprouts. Throw in some peanuts too! Eew, these bean sprouts look like little bugs. They sure are tasty though! Step Three : Mix everything together. Let the flavors mingle.   Look how healthy this is! Other than, you know, all that greasy Chinese food you're about to add to it. Step Four : There is no step four. You're done! Wasn't that the simplest, most affordable meal for a crowd you've ever m

Our 4 and 8 Anniversary

It's crazy to think that Sexy Nerd and I had our first date 8 years ago. Things were so different back then. (Click the image to enlarge) And has it already been 4 years since we got married? Really? I wonder if I'll look back another 8 years from now and be amazed at how much things have changed. By then we will hopefully have our home in the mountains and Baby Nuke . I'm hoping Pica and Biscuit will still be here (though I'm realistic that our punk Pica will probably run down the street one day, never to be seen again). If all goes according to plan, we will each have a new vehicle by then (a Prius C for me and "something sporty" for him) and will have traveled to Australia and cruised so many times. Sexy Nerd will have his Ph.D. I suppose I'll call him Dr. Sexy Nerd. Life can change so much from year to year. Based on the past 8, I think we're in for some pretty wonderful times.

Dogs Wearing Earmuffs!

Oh, the cuteness! Sorry, Pica and Biscuit. We couldn't resist! Pica was a pretty good sport about this. We're cheap frugal and keep our house at a toasty 50F. She probably wishes she could wear earmuffs all the time! Biscuit only put up with this for a few seconds, just long enough to capture her annoyed photo. Some dogs just can't pull off the earmuff look.

Monster Trucks Albuquerque (Monster Jam!)

I managed to avoid this for almost 27 years. Finally, someone has been sly enough to drag me to a monster truck show. Darn you, Sexy Nerd! Warning, ladies. Monster Jam tours the country. They were just here in Albuquerque a few months ago and will be back again soon. Monster Jam may very well be coming to your town next. Don't get suckered into going like a certain blogger you know. If you hear a commercial that starts with "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" you need to spring into action and change the channel, pronto. Meh. What's more exciting than a bunch of elephant-dwarfing, room-shakingly loud trucks racing each other? Oh, just a little thing called the Tingley Colosseum concessions stands. Albuquerque-style (Warning: don't look at the prices. *Gasp!*) Real, live New Mexicans! Okay, I couldn't resist. Now back to the monster trucks: Vroooom! Monster Jam: The Destroyer Although the trucks weren't exactly my thin