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Spring Decorating Ideas

You may not be able to visit our home right now (you'd totally be here if not for COVID-19, right?), but here are a few photos with spring decorating ideas to enjoy.

spring decorating ideas

Decorating projects currently in process? Tiling the walls (and groin ceiling!) of our dining room with mother of pearl in a herringbone pattern. We're also working on a backsplash for our outdoor kitchen - the most gorgeous blue tiles just arrived from Spain! 

I hope none are broken. I should probably get around to opening all of the smashed boxes tomorrow.

dining room before photo
Tile, tile, and more tile coming soon. The term 'jewel box' gets thrown around so often in the design world. This is going to be the jewel box that puts the others to shame.

We'd finish more decor projects if SN and I weren't both currently working from home. Actually, make that if he wasn't working from home. I'd just be watching more TV. Have you checked out Little Fires Everywhere with Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon? It's my new favorite show. 

Just release the entire series and stop making me wait a week between episodes, Hulu. Haven't you heard of binge watching?

Hulu is a jerk.

bathroom ideas

Spring Decorating Ideas

porch bear
We've swapped out our heavy winter wreath with a cheery birdhouse.

bar cart decorating
Springtime purples and blues have freshened our bar cart, making us smile.
(To be fair, this bar cart would also make us smile if fulfilling its life purpose of being stocked with alcohol. Does a bunch of girly decor make our bar cart feel sad?)

bunny decor
Bunny decor has hopped its way throughout our home.

decorating with natural materials
We're up to two bunnies and there are more coming.

springtime gardening
 Our garden is waking up. We placed my frog prince, who has been with us since our first apartment, in the perfect spot when we moved in - good thing because I can no longer move him, as he's decided to join decorative forces with the plants.

SN insists those dead sticks are still alive, BTW. We'll see...

yellow doors
   There should be rosebushes blooming soon. Our lawn is really loving this springtime weather. It also loves our summer, winter, and autumn weather. It's fake grass.
(Like you couldn't tell.)

yard with artificial lawn
Our pups are also loving the warmer weather. Bernadette has made herself completely at home.
With three dogs, you'd think at least one would be looking at the camera, right?

spring bouquet
April and May are ideal times to paint your front door a favorite color, as well as apply a protective coat of stain to outdoor furniture. One of these is still on our To Do list.

pig home decor
This little metal piggy went to market - for $9 at HomeGoods during their end-of-season sale last year. I may have oinked with excitement right there in the store.

Rainbows cast by crystal doorknobs
Our doors have a happy surprise - crystal knobs that constantly bounce rainbows throughout our home. The nose prints from our dogs on the glass are not a happy surprise, but what can you do?

White kitchen with copper sink
We've been using our copper apron sink to repot our plants, including my growing collection of orchids. It sounds fancier than it is - they're all from the grocery store clearance shelf.

how to decorate a nook
Whatever this green guy is, he is looking straggly. Living in our bedroom with the blackout curtains closed each day was not doing him any good. Work your magic, sunny window!

drink station decor
SN recently jazzed up these nooks, which are on each side of our living room are were previously nothing but drywall. He patiently swapped out the lights I'd originally purchased with these ones from Pottery Barn. He built the counters himself and made a trip to Colorado to salvage the old, weathered wood from his parent's fence. Isn't it gorgeous, like a rustic shiplap? There were many more projects planned for this wood...but his parents threw it on their burn pile! The artwork and the pitcher belonged to my grandma.

wood paneling in an office
Speaking of SN's handiwork, he built just about everything you see here, from the wood drawers and paneling to the leather drawer pulls. It's his itty bitty office sophisticated study. Can't you picture him in his leather chair, swirling a glass of brandy? It's in the middle of the hallway, so of course he is keeping this tidy. We're adding a sliding barn door that can be pulled across the opening, so we'll just assume it is tidy behind the closed door.

hallway ideas
This is just outside SN's office. When the sliding barn door is open, it will cover the blue door on the left, which is for the utility closet. It will also be able to slide all the way to the end of the hallway, which will cover the doorway of the dining room, making it so cozy.

decorating a living room for spring
Biscuit is the world's cutest photobomber. 

cute tea towels
 My little bunny towel is ready for Easter. Bring on the candy eggs! Just don't wipe your hands on my towel afterward.

white kitchen with red brick
Adding a wreath of dried flowers above our stove was the perfect way to announce "I'm done with spring cleaning!" No more cleaning until next spring, right?

Springtime in New Mexico is wonderful, with warm, sunny days, flowers blooming, and...


stone fireplace with brick
Photo taken April 13th, 2020 - only 1 day after the photos posted above.

kitchen window with a view
It's funny. Every year, we have our annual "freak April snowstorm" and every year, everyone makes a big deal about how unusual it is.

Every. Year.

double front doors
Remember those perky flowers you saw above?

front porch decor
They are cozy underneath a blanket of snowy goodness. They'll be fine once the snow melts. 
I think.


Want more spring decorating ideas? Check out our powder room, which has been redecorated for the season. You can also see the construction of our house.