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Self Improvement Articles

Are you ready to be your best self? These are my most popular self improvement articles, covering sleep improvement, beauty advice, cosmetic dentistry, and health.

Self Improvement Articles
All you need is sleep - the story of my life!

Self Improvement Articles

Beauty & Health Self Improvement

1. How I Lost 8 Pounds Without Dieting or Exercising 

2. The Complete Guide to Jessner Peels

3. Be a Lifelong Learner (Free Resources)

18. How to Keep New Year's Resolutions - Includes Free Printable Calendar Pages!

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Cosmetic Dentistry Self Improvement

1. My Never Ending Story of Cosmetic Dentistry

2. You're Never Too Old for Braces

3. Braces: 3 Weeks In (50+ To Go)

4. You Can Eat Rubber, Right?

5. Braces Adjustment Before and After

6. Braces Before and After Photos

7. My Teeth: From Bad to Worse

8. Faces with Braces. Oh Goody!

9. Braces: The Horror of Rubber Bands

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How to Improve Your Sleep
Self improvement starts with a good night's sleep

Self improvement starts with a good night's sleep
Technically, sleeping in is bad for you, as it disrupts your circadian rhythm. Tell that to the snooze button on my alarm clock.


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