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The World is Your Oyster - Travel Inspiration & Photos

80+ Travel Posts to Inspire Your Next Vacation 

Dreaming of a foodie tour of the Land of Enchantment, where you can enjoy green chile-everything while sipping world-class wine?

Or are you feeling more adventurous (and more tolerant of a looong flight) and wanting to see platypus and echidnas in the wild, perhaps via a road trip or port-to-port on a cruise ship? 

(Funny side note: My auto-correct desperately wants to change echidnas to enchiladas.)

However grand your travel dreams, there's a blog post here that will inspire and improve your next getaway.

travel guide

We will travel for food. (And travel even further for wine!) Live vicariously through our blog or use this resource to plan an indulgent trip of your own.

Here are the best food and wine events:

New Mexico

Everywhere Else

1. Autumn Food & Wine Festival in Lake Tahoe 

2. Fall Ale Fest in Heavenly Village, Lake Tahoe

Travel ideas for wine lovers

There's more to life than food and wine (or so I'm told). Here are all of our travel adventures:
* indicates the post is for a food & wine event


1. 5 Free Wildlife Stops to Include on Your California Road Trip

2. Actually, I Love the Beach. Who Knew?

3. San Francisco Photos

4. A Perfect Day in Solvang, CA

5. Photos from California

6. San Diego via Cruise Ship

7. Have You Ever Attended a 'Vertical' Progressive Meal?* (Autumn Food & Wine Festival)

8. Fall Ale Fest in Heavenly Village, Lake Tahoe*


1. Working Hard in Hawaii

2. Is There Such a Thing as a Relaxing Vacation?

3. Our Hawaii Wedding Album

4. Check-In Awkwardness at the Royal Garden Inn, Waikiki

Washington, DC

1. Photos of Cherry Blossoms in Springtime

2. Free and Frugal Things To Do in Washington, DC

3. So Cold. So Very, Very Cold

4. The Best Steak in Washington, DC

Seattle, WA

1. Something's Fishy in Seattle

2. Seattle Photos

3. Amtrak from Seattle


1. Reid Park Zoo and Winterhaven Festival of Lights (Tucson, AZ)

2. Bananas Are On My Diet (Galaxy Diner, Flagstaff, AZ)

3. Brandy's Restaurant in Flagstaff, AZ

Las Vegas, NV

1. Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

2. Buffet of Buffets Pass - Review

3. Tempe Ikea and Fremont Street

4. Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas

New Mexico

1. Drinking Our Way Around the Corrales Wine Loop*

2. The Grump Goes to Santa Fe

3. Come With Me to Santa Fe! Food, Luxury Homes, and Art*

4. River of Lights at the ABQ BioPark Botanical Garden

5. Drunken Shenanigans at Day 2 of the Taos Wine Festival*

6. The Perfect End to a Perfect Weekend - Champagne Brunch* (Taos Summer Wine Festival)

7. Drinking It Up in Angel Fire*

8. Taos Summer Wine Festival and Angel Fire Wine & Wagyu Weekend*

9. Taos Summer Wine Festival Itinerary and Ticket Giveaway*

10. Taos Summer Wine Festival - Grand Tasting*

11. An Unforgettable Evening in the Taos Ski Valley*

12. Awkwardness at the Taos Summer Wine Festival*

13. Angel Fire Wine & Wagyu Weekend*

14. ABQ Sunport Shenanigans

15. World Wide Frybread Association (Gallup, NM)

16. Monster Jam

17. Invite Us Back, Dairy Max (Pretty Please?)* (Casa Rondeña Winery in Albuquerque, NM)

18. Road Trip: ABQ to Las Cruces 

19. Road Trip: Las Cruces to Tucson

20. Wildlife West Zoo in Edgewood

21. Come to the Albuquerque Zoo with Me!

22. Wine & Wagyu Weekend 2019*

23. You'll Love Dining at the Angel Fire Resort*

24. Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown in Santa Fe*

25. More Than Beer at the New Mexico Brew Fest*

26. NM Fermentation Festival - Funny Name, Fun Time*

27. Visit New Mexico (Wondering what to do and what to eat while you're here? This is the post for you.)


1. Flying to Australia (Without Going Crazy)

2. 2 Weeks in Tasmania - Road Trip Itinerary

3. Want to Pet a Kangaroo?

4. Beware of Horny Birds

5. How to Plan Your Vacation to Australia

6. Jet-Lagged Like Crazy

7. Getting Into Trouble Down Under (Sydney Opera House)

8. Adventurous Eating in Australia

9. Foodies on the Loose: Salamanca Market in Hobart, Tasmania


1. Family Reunion in the Seychelles

2. Still in Seychelles. Someone is Driving Me Crazy

3. Seychelles, 2016


1. Sea of Cortez Cruise on the Holland America Veendam

2. Cruising Canada on the Costa Atlantica

3. Costa Concordia: Our Experience (Costa Atlantica)

4. Costa Concordia or Beyonce

5. Canada Cruise on the Costa Atlantica

6. Eating Our Way Through Alaska (HAL Oosterdam)

7. Tracy Arm Fjord

 Our Cruise on the Holland America Veendam

9. No Cruising Since October? That Won't Do!

10. Day at Sea - Menu and Towel Animal

11. Astoria, Oregon (Bowpicker Fish & Chips)

12. The Ambitious Traveler: Recipe For Disaster Or Most Bang For My Buck?

All Other USA Travel

1. Southwest Flights: Buy 1, Get 1 Free

2. Breakfast, the Most Embarrassing Meal of the Day (Marriott)

3. Omaha's Tourism Ambassador (Me!)

4. Best Travel Site

5. Dinks in a Hostel

6. The Only Corner to Put Baby In Was Dirty

7. Snow in July on Cottonwood Pass (Colorado)

8. The Best Places to Eat in San Antonio, TX

All Other International Travel

1. Copenhagen in November

2. Copenhagen Photos

3. 10 Reasons to Visit the Czech Republic

4. Iceland Photos

5. We Love Vancouver

6.  Photos from Victoria, Canada

7. Golders Hill Park in Hampstead Heath (London)

8. The Best Apps for Your London Vacation

9. Sexy Nerd's "Vacation" Photos (Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands)

10. Sea of Cortez - Mazatlan Photos

11. Our Favorite Town in Mexico - Loreto

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